Where to buy headbands

Where to Buy Headbands – Great Suggestions!

The demand for headbands has soared.

It forms part of work-from-home attire, which is fast becoming an integral part of fashion trends.

The headband is part of what is known as “zoom dressing”, which focuses on jewelry and accessories from the shoulders up.

Where to buy headbands

Headbands are available online as well as in stores. Many popular fashion houses sell headbands as part of their accessories department. Amazong and Etsy are two online options for a larger selection of headbands, while sporting goods stores, fashion stores like H&M, and even some pharmacies carry the accessory.

Online Stores

Various online stores offer a variety of headbands in different designs and fabrics.

More notable figures who have been spotted sporting the trend have caused a 123% increase in searches for headbands, according to data from Lyst.

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, online shopping has also seen a surge. Headbands are an accessory that seems to outlast seasonal trends.

The 2020/2021 fashion season has seen a surge in demand for wide padded headbands and beaded headbands.

Online stores including Amazon, Etsy, and various retailers that offer online shopping are platforms that offer trendy accessories such as headbands.

Retail stores

Headbands can be found in many fashion retail stores. Each store offers a variety of styles and materials.


H&M is an international clothing store with over 2000 stores worldwide. The retail giant is the world’s second-largest retail store.

The fashion store is known for offering great, trendy styles at reasonable prices. Headbands are no exception. The retail giant offers a wide selection of trendy headbands that fit any occasion.


Kohls is considered a value-focused American department store and retail chain. Even though they are a bit more expensive, Kohls has some of the most fashionable headbands on the market.

These headbands fall into a variety of categories that fit many different occasions, from sportswear to casual wear and dressy attire.

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle is known for outfits that are more laid back and casual attire. The fashion retail store is a giant in the fashion industry in the USA.

The store mainly targets young individuals with a fun-loving attitude. The selection of headbands offered at the store is impressive.


Established in 1901, Nordstrom is a fashion retail giant in the US. The store caters to men, women, and children. Nordstrom is considered an American luxury department store chain.

The store offers headbands in many of the styles that are trending at the moment with an array of materials and colors to choose from.


Both Ross and Marshalls offer headbands in a variety of styles and at a variety of prices. You can often find hidden gems at these stores.

It is a great place to find accessories at reduced prices from better-known department stores. The retail shop offers well-known brands, designer clothing, accessories, shoes, and fashionable housewares.

Both stores are discount department stores that offer fashion and accessories at special prices.

Designer clothing stores

Many popular designer clothing stores now carry this fashion accessory as well. The Covid pandemic has made the accessory, which has always been a staple in fashion, even more popular.

Many fashion houses such as DKNY, Tomy Hillfigure, Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret offer the accessory.

However, when you shop at these stores, you will have to pay full retail price unless the items are seasonal.

In that case, the accessory may be offered at a reduced price.

Sportsware Stores

Headbands include a broad headband. These headbands are very popular among fitness fanatics as they are extremely comfortable to wear and durable.

The headband keeps hair out of your face, stays in place during strenuous workouts, and absorbs sweat from your forehead.

Many well-known sporting goods manufacturers offer headbands, including Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Under Armour, etc.

The headbands are branded with the logo of the sports brand, which makes the headbands much more expensive than normal fashion accessories.

Types of headbands

When shopping for headbands, it’s important to know what the headband will be used for.

There are various styles of headbands that each serve a different purpose.

Fabric headbands

Fabric Headbands are made of cloth
Fabric Headbands are made of cloth

Cloth headbands, as the name implies, are made of cloth.

These headbands are more about trend than serving any other purpose. However, they come in a variety of styles, including:

  • Scarf headband
  • Turban headband
  • Knit headband
  • Fashion headband
  • Sports headband/sweatband


The sweatband keeps hair and sweat away
The sweatband keeps hair and sweat away

Sweatbands are mainly worn during sports or exercise. These headbands have two functions:

They keep hair out of your face and sweat off your forehead.

It is important to know that not just any material will do as a sweatband. Sweatbands are made of terry cloth, polyester, or nylon.

Headbands come in a variety of colors and can be purchased from a sports outlet or a fashion outlet.

Turban Headbands

Turban Headband
Turban Headband

Turban headbands, also known as crisscross or boho headbands, feature a knot, bow, or crisscross design at the top. These hairbands are more fashionable.

They are thicker than regular hair bands, which is ideal for people with thicker hair.

The headband keeps the hair securely in place. The headband adds a boho-chic to any style.

Scarf headbands

Scarf Headband
Scarf Headband

Scarf headbands were a very fashionable headdress in the mid to late 1990s, coming back into vogue due to stars like Jennifer Lopez.

These headbands have gained popularity in the last year.

You can also create this look with a scarf that you fold up. Both a scarf and a bandana serve this purpose.

Horseshoe headbands

Horseshoe Headband
Horseshoe Headband

Horshoe headbands work with both long and short hair. These headbands also come in a variety of styles including:

  • Toothed headbands
  • Miscellaneous headbands
  • Plastic headbands
  • Wrapped headbands
  • Metal headbands

Frequently Asked Questions About Headbands

Should my headband match the color of my outfit?

For a more polished look yes. This will depend on the design of the outfit, the color scheme of the outfit, and the purpose of the headband.

Are headbands bad for your hair?

Headbands can damage hair. Headbands with integrated combs can make the situation worse. The pressure of the headband can cause hair loss and breakage. Some hair bands can cause headaches.


Headbands are a hot accessory right now. Various online stores, including fashion stores and department stores, are selling the product.

Some pharmacies, such as Walgreens, also carry the product.