What Is Neem Honey

What Is Neem Honey? I’d Say It’s Warm And Toasty

Honey is an important sweetener, but apart from that, it has a lot of benefits.

Both neem and honey have valuable health benefits, so what could be created if they were both put together?

Neem has many medicinal properties but let’s talk about what neem honey is and why it is being favored by so many.

What Is Neem Honey?

Neem honey is darkly colored honey. The taste it has is between a dark toffee and gingerbread. Overall it still has the normal taste of honey hidden inside. Neem honey is unheated and kept raw. It preserves the enzymes beneficial for our health and is derived from the essences collected from flowers by the wild beehives.

Is Neem Good For The Skin

Neem offers many benefits to the skin as it is loaded with vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps to fight blackheads, pigmentation and works well to hide dull and fine lines.

Neem honey works well as a skin toner, and it can help to reduce scars on the skin.

You can use neem honey added to yogurt or lemon juice as a face mask. Rinse it off after 15 mins.

If you have oily skin, then a neem paste helps to control the production of oil.

Neem has the power to control the sebum and works well as a moisturizer.

Honey and neem together are very hydrating for the skin.

When neem leaves are used, they work to exfoliate the skin and give your skin a glowing appearance.

Neem is also good for psoriasis and eczema.

What Does Neem Honey Taste Like?

Haven’t tasted neem honey but thinking you might like to? Neem honey has very warm flavors like burnt sugar, molasses, caramel, and dark fruit.

Once your taste buds are used to the flavor, you might notice a bitterness similar to copper along with earthy flavors.

Neem honey has beautiful aromas, and you might notice scents of maple syrup, wild blackberry, caramel, and chai tea.

Neem is both savory and sweet, and due to the distinct flavoring, you can use it to enhance meal dishes or snacks.

How Is Neem Honey Made?

Did you know that neem honey is not produced by honey bees? It is actually created by the wild bees.

The honey foragers go out and collect honey during the night while the bees are happily sleeping.

Different techniques are used to gain access to the honey in the hives, such as smoking the bees out humanely to get the honey out safely.

Can You Cook With Neem Honey

Neem honey can be used in a similar way to brown sugar or molasses.

With its rich flavor, it can add richness and warmth to breakfast cereals and warm baked goods.

It can even be used in whole-grain bread as a sweetener. Personally, I like to add neem honey to a warm cup of tea instead of sugar.

Can I Use Neem Honey On Deep Cuts Of Meat?

Because the honey is full of flavor, it works as a baste really well. Neem honey is able to hold its own against fish and meat and allows for the gamey flavors.

Neem honey works well with garlic dishes like honey and garlic chicken.

Can Neem Honey Be Paired With Cheese?

Pairing strong cheeses like Stilton, blue cheese, or Gorgonzola with neem honey work a treat.

Neem honey drizzled on the cheese with dark chocolate, fresh figs and a glass of tawny port to finish the idea.

Honey Tasting With Neem Honey

Honey tasting is a great way to introduce new types of honey and a good way to impress when you have to bring a plate.

If you are going to one of those posh parties and don’t know what to bring, try honey.

Some fresh honey such as neem, white, and acacia are popular choices.

Pair with some cheeses and dippers like celery and carrot to dip into the honey to taste.

How Much Neem Honey Should I Eat?

Neem honey doesn’t really have rules and regulations but having one teaspoon before bed can aid your sleep.

Taking regular doses each night can result in more restful sleep. If you prefer to have neem honey in the morning, then it can help your energy levels and aid your immunity throughout the day.

If you don’t just want to eat a spoonful, you can add it to foods. It can be swirled in your breakfast, spread on your toast, wafers, or even sweeten your coffee with it.

When adding to foods, make sure the food isn’t too hot, as this will destroy the honey enzymes. If you truly love it and cannot get enough, eat it from the jar!


Neem honey is a healthy, beautiful flavorsome honey that is loaded with so many nutrients.

If you aren’t eating it, you are missing out. Adding neem honey to your diet is easy through your morning coffee, nighttime snack, or in your breakfast oats.

Feel the benefits for yourself. What have you got to lose? Neem honey is affordable, and if one benefit works for you, then it has been worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Neem Honey

Where Can I Buy Neem Honey?

Neem honey can be brought online through Amazon or from your local health food store. Some grocery stores carry it, but this isn’t as common.

Is Neem Honey Antibacterial?

Neem honey is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. This is why it is well used for respiratory problems and for medicinal purposes.

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