What Does Lobster Taste Like

What Does Lobster Taste Like? Sweet Or Salty?

Lobsters are a luxury, and they are very popular all around. Some people haven’t made the jump and tried lobster yet and are curious how it actually tastes.

Some are a little scared of the sharp claws and black eyes, and others don’t know how on earth to cook them.

Some places let you choose which lobster you want to eat from the tank, which can sometimes turn people off.

Lobster is a beautiful, tasty meal that can be enjoyed all the time or just as a one-off every now and again.

Once you have become accustomed to the taste, you will find you cannot resist it anymore.

What Does Lobster Taste Like?

Lobster is tender meat that has a sweet taste. I think it tastes similar to crab but cleaner and sweeter. The consistency of the lobster meat falls in between shrimp and crab, but it isn’t as chewy. Lobster is a more melt-in-your-mouth food that is more delicious and complex.

The Taste Of Lobster

If you are not new to seafood and crustaceans and have eaten plenty before, then you will agree.

Lobster tastes like something in between a shrimp and a crab.

The lobster is soft to bite but still firm enough. It doesn’t matter whether you steam boil or cook it in other ways; it will still keep the flavor of the sea.

This means it still has the tanginess and the natural salt flavor that comes from fresh seafood.

Lobster is similar to crab, but I think it runs on the sweet side. The good thing with lobster is that it doesn’t have a fishy smell due to a large amount of protein kept inside the body.

The claws and the tail contain the most protein, which is why these parts of meat might seem spongier to you.

The taste will be different, though, depending on how you cook the lobster.

Some people like to add herbs and spices, but some prefer not to as they can take over the natural flavor of the seafood.

Steaming and boiling the lobster will lead to a juicy, plump taste, whereas frying and baking will create a smokier flavor.

Which Lobster Is Better To Eat?

Maine Lobster

If you haven’t been up close and personal to seafood before, you might automatically think a lobster is red.

Did you know most lobsters are only red after they have been cooked? The Maine lobster is actually a dark brown color when it is alive, but it can show a few streaks of red.

The Maine lobster can be found from New Jersey all the way to Labrador with weights of up to 40 pounds. The Maine lobster is my preferred meat, and I will tell you why.

Lobsters that live in cold water offer a better taste. The meat is sweeter, and this is because the cold water prevents any meat from sucking in the salt.

The size of the Maine lobster is important because the larger it is, the less meat will be found in the tail.

This is important as the tail is known to be the best part of the meat. You can eat the meat from the claws, body, and tail.

If you are going to buy a Maine lobster, it is a good idea to source a seller as close to you as possible.

The Spiny Lobster

The difference here with the Maine and spiny lobster is the claw and antenna size.

The claw that is on a spiny lobster needs a magnifier to find it; let’s say it is pretty much nonexistent.

The antennae on the spiny lobster are actually bigger too. The spiny lobster is a warm water lobster with a strong seafood taste.

The main benefit of the spiny lobster is the fact that it has more in the tail than the Maine lobster.

The spiny lobsters can be found in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.


Restaurants serve lobster with a hefty price tag. The fancy establishments use this, so it creates a status symbol for the famous and rich people.

The only reason why lobster has such a high price is due to the fact it is in high, constant demand. As these creatures dwindle down, the prices rise.

Go get yourself a fresh lobster and see just what flavors you can taste. You never know you might actually enjoy the taste.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Lobster Tastes

Which kind of Lobster Is the sweetest to eat?

The sweetest kind of lobster is Maine. Extra tender and sweet due to growing in clean, fresh, cold water.

What’s The Best Way to cook lobster for flavor?

Lobster doesn’t need any special cooking processes as it is beautiful on its own. Just steam or boil and serve with butter. The butter makes the lobster moist and extra tender.

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