What Cardamom Perfume (fragrance) Smells Like

What Cardamom Perfume (Fragrance) Smells Like

When you are asking or searching for answers to the question, “what does cardamom perfume/fragrance smells like?” the overall answer is, enchanting.

Cardamom is a member of the spice family and, as such, has a spicy scent profile.

It is not a spice where you can say it has a specific scent point like a chili pepper or cinnamon does.

Instead, it offers a mild but sweet nutty quality that carries over beautifully into the world of fragrances.

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What Cardamom Perfume (fragrance) Smells Like

Cardamom is a spice that offers a mild and nutty scent quality to it. It is a member of the spice family, and has a range of scents to it that can feel minty, but typically tend towards an earthy and sometimes smoky air to it. It is overall warming in nature with a distinct and lingering scent, which makes it an ideal seed and spice to use in fragrances and cooking.

History of Cardamom

The history of cardamom is that it dates back centuries. One legend has it that Cleopatra and Mark Antony loved the scent and used it as their own perfume before they went courting.

The scent of cardamom comes from seeds that come from the cardamom plant. It is a plant that will grow up to 15 feet high, and is found in tropical rainforests.

The plant yields large white flowers that contain red veins. It also yields a fruit that bears the beautiful seeds we call cardamom.

It is a spice that is generally associated with India, with a picking season between September and December. It is considered to be in the same spice family as ginger and turmeric.

What Does Cardamom Perfume/Fragrance Smells Like?

Cardamom is a spice that has a much stronger scent profile than a flavor profile, although its flavor is as earthy and nutty as its scent.

It is one of the spice scents you might enjoy when you first open the door to a gourmet coffee shop.

The initial tones of cardamom have that earth and nut quality, but this is also followed by a smoky backdrop as an after kick.

Cardamom also has a citrus air to it as well, which is what gives fragrances and food it is used the sweetness.

There are a few different kinds of cardamom, and it also comes in a variety of forms. They all smell very similar, but the strength will vary depending on the type.

Cardamom comes in seeds, pods, and grounds. All types are aromatic with some stronger than others.

Cardamom Pods

Cardamom pods are considered to have the freshest scent, and they will also have the strongest scent.

They can be ground into ground cardamom, but on their own, they offer a delightful scent to any kitchen.

Cardamom Seeds

Cardamom seeds look like tiny black peppercorns, but contain an oil component. These are tiny little black seeds with a significant earthy aroma to them.

When cooked, the aroma isn’t as strong, but it also depends on how much you use it when you cook with it. It still offers a stronger scent than ground cardamom.

Ground Cardamom

Ground cardamom has the most subtle scent of all of the forms of cardamom. It is also the most affordable of all forms of cardamom.

This is the cardamom that you will find in most baked treats and desserts.

If you are using cardamom to cook with and really want that sweet and earthy flavor pop, using cardamom seeds is likely your best bet.

Cardamom in Fragrances

Cardamom has been used for decades in fragrances and perfumes for both men and women. It is a popular spice to put in perfumes because of its spiciness and earthy tones.

Yves Saint Laurent la Nuit de L’Homme

Cardamom can be found in the Yves Saint Laurent la Nuit de L’Homme fragrance for men. This is a notably spicy cologne that offers a hint of red pepper to bounce off of the cardamom.

Also in this fragrance are coumarin and cedar. It’s a jumping fragrance. The spice combination may be worth trying in the kitchen as well.

Armani Stronger With You

Armani Stronger With You is a fragrance for men that has cardamom and chestnut tones to it. It also offers a vanilla undertone to make that sweet scent of cardamom pop.

Added with chestnut this fragrance has been called spellbinding.


The fragrance known as Mutamayez ranks high on the spellbinding charts as well.

This is a very spicy fragrance that contains orange and pine that is offset by a spicy cardamom bounce. Included in this scent are clove and cedar.

These are all typically labeled as fragrances for men. However, the key note of cardamom is its sweetness, which balances its spicy overtone beautifully. Most of these scents are also available for women.

If these scents are too masculine for women, you can create your own unique balance here.

A woman that really enjoys wearing cardamom could easily balance these scents with a feminine spritz of her choice to create a unique scent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Cardamom

Are green and black cardamom the same?

Green and black cardamom are slightly different in scent, but both offer the same versatility in both personal fragrances and in baking or cooking. Ground green cardamom sends a rougher and earthier scent that still has a robust sweetness to it. Black cardamom has a milder tone to its earthiness. The overall scent profile is very similar though, and in a blind test, it would be difficult to tell the difference unless you were very accustomed to using both.

What does white cardamom smell like?

White cardamom is the same thing as green cardamom but it is bleached. It would smell almost exactly the same as green cardamom, but would have a milder flavor and aroma after the bleaching process.

Enjoy Cardamom Today

When you are wondering “what does cardamom perfume/fragrance smells like?” the answer is simply, earthy and nutty.

Still, the scent of cardamom feels anything but simple. It is a strong spice that carries well in every part of life that you want to feel good, food, fragrance, and more.