How To Wash Your Lululemon Headbands

How To Wash Your Lululemon Headbands – Nice!

The brand lululemon is not just what the rave is about, but the lululemon headbands are amazing, and people everywhere are begging to get their heads on them.

The headbands don’t snag your hair, and they grip your head well without slipping, which makes them great for those who are on the go.

Lululemon clothing is an expensive brand; however, the headbands are well worth their price.

People love the adjustable straps, so you can loosen and tighten the headbands at your own will.  

When it comes to washing your lululemon headbands, you need to take care.

You cannot just throw them in the washing machine and complete a basic cycle as this can cause damage to the fabric and cause it to decrease its lifespan.

Just like other headbands, the lululemon are prone to sweat and hair product build-up but exactly how do we wash them?

How To Wash Your Lululemon Headbands?

Use a delicate wash bag to wash the headbands in. If possible, consider hand washing your lululemon headbands in mild detergent and letting them air dry for best results.

What Detergent Should I Use?

It is important that you opt for a detergent that is specifically for delicate apparel to ensure the fabric is washed properly and you get a perfect outcome.

Luluemon headbands will last you a while, but like other clothing, they are prone to sweaty smells and product build-up and can lose their wicking properties after a while when not washed properly.

Did you know that sometimes the lingering smell that you cannot get rid of isn’t actually sweat or grime but actually your laundry detergent that you are washing your lululemon in?

If the laundry detergent is not performing well, it will leave behind a residue that will trap the sweat and body odors.

Molly’s Suds is a great detergent that is fragrance-free.

If you are using your headbands for working out and they always follow you to the gym, there is a sportswear wash from the same company that is well worth it.

Tips For Washing Lululemon Headbands

Use a wash bag to wash your lululemon headbands
Use a wash bag to wash your lululemon headbands

It is best to wash your headbands in a detergent that is designed for use in cold water only.

Most material such as cotton needs to be washed with hot water to get the best results but lululemon is a little different, and it requires you to use cold water when hand washing or machine washing.

Cold water washes are even friendly to the environment. They use fewer resources and energy.  

The lululemon manufacturers recommend using a powder detergent because they have more cleaning power and work better to get rid of debris and soils far better than a liquid detergent.

Powders don’t actually leave behind a residue and trap sweat and odors.

Avoid A Cleaning Solution That Has Dyes, Fragrances, And Brighteners

Lululemon recommends not using fabric softeners and detergents with fragrances and added brighteners.

These will leave a residue on our headbands and will cause the pores of your materials to clog up, which will trap soils and bacteria in the headband.

Using brighteners doesn’t actually clean the clothing and accessories properly, but it merely just covers it up.

My Lululemon Headbands Have Piling?

Some lululemon material can get piling, especially with extended use and washing all the time. If you find you have piling, then you can use a fabric shaver to take off the piling easily.

The piling can also occur if you just throw the headbands in with other clothing that will rub against the headband and cause the balling.

Getting Stains Out Of Lululemon Materials

If you don’t have stain remover on hand, you can consider using dishwashing liquid added directly to the stain.

You want to ensure you cover the whole stain with the liquid. Let sit for about 15 minutes, then wash as you normally would.

If you are using a store brought stain remover product, ensure it is a mild one and can be used with delicate fabrics.

Make sure you don’t leave the stain remover on any longer than recommended. This can cause the stain to set in.

Is It Best To Air Dry The Lululemon Headbands?

Luluemon materials use what is called a moisture-wicking material which allows for quick drying. Your headband will be dried within a few hours.

It is best to avoid putting your headbands in the dryer as it can cause stains you might not have noticed to set in, and it can damage the material, and it can shrink. If the headband material shrinks, it won’t sit properly on the band.

Avoid drying your headbands in a towel, as this can leave fluff stuck to your headband.

You can sit the headband in the warm sun if it isn’t hot every now and again as the sun acts as a mild disinfectant and helps to naturally kill bacteria.

Follow the tips above to have your lululemon headbands looking their best and smelling fresh and clean all the time, no matter how hard you are working them.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Wash Your Lululemon Headbands

Can Lululemon Headbands Be Soaked In Stain Remover?

You can leave lululemon headbands soaked for a couple of minutes. If you leave the headbands soaked for long periods, ensure you are using a stain remover that is safe for colored material.

How Often Should I Clean My Lululemon Headbands?

Every few days is best, especially if you are prone to sweating a lot or you wear hair products that create build-up on the headbands.

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