How To Shred Carrots

How To Shred Carrots- What Is The Right Way To Do It?

You can buy a bag of grated carrots at any supermarket, however, they are never as good as when you grate carrots fresh at home.

They are lower in sweetness and also less aromatic than the ones I grate myself.

I also enjoy shredding carrots at home because of their natural sweetness and I feel that the pre-shredded carrots have a completely different taste. The taste isn’t as good right out of the bag.

And while you might argue that buying shredded carrots saves time, you will be surprised how easy it is to shred them at home.

You can quickly and easily shred carrots by hand using just a box grater. So it’s worth taking this extra step if you need freshly grated carrots for a recipe.

How To Shred Carrots

Cut off the ends of your carrots, starting 14 inches in from the ends, after you’ve peeled off the outside skin. Make the carrots less difficult to shred by cutting them into thirds or halves. Turn your food processor on and attach the shredding attachment and lid. Your good to go.

How To Shred Carrots With A Grater

Most households will have a box grater and it’s the perfect tool to quickly and easily shred the carrots.

The carrots I use to make carrot shredded should have tops on them.

Leaving an inch or two of the carrot attached, but trim off most of the tops.

By holding onto the green stub, you have a better grip and its less likely to cut your finger.

When you shred carrots, the carrots should still retain their tops, so if you can’t find them, don’t worry!

You can use any large carrot for this recipe.

Using a vegetable peeler, peel the carrots after washing them thoroughly.

You can also leave the skin on the carrot and just wash them, however, the skin often has a slightly bitter taste, and therefore I always peel the carrots.

Place a box grater on a cutting board.

Gratify the carrot along the holes of the box grater as you scrape in a downward motion.

Take care not to let your fingers or hands get in the way! Continually shred the carrot until the last 2 inches are reached. Stop there if you don’t want to cut your hands.

There you have it!

One of my favorite kitchen tools is the Manual Food Chopper or a “pull string” Food Chopper.

You cannot only use it for carrots but also onions, cucumbers, and so on.

The pieces will be different when chopping with a grater, you will have longer thinner pieces, while with this chopper the carrots get cut into very small short pieces.

If you are using one of those time savers, cut the carrots into 2 inches pieces before putting them in the chopper.

How To Revitalise Dry Shredded Carrot

Although it may seem convenient to have pre-shredded carrots, I am reminded of many sad side salads when I see the frequently rubbery and dry,  orange shreds.

No matter how good a bagged carrot tastes, I cannot resist the temptation of laziness over a freshly shredded carrot.

There are currently two bags of grated carrots in my refrigerator.

However, you can transform these nearly-dehydrated vegetable wisps back into their original pliable, crisp form by adding a little bit of salt to preserve their delicate flavor, which then allows you to use them as a snack again.

Shredded carrots are softened by osmosis, just like any other plant part you soak in sodium chloride.

Salt (the solute) reacts with water (the solvent) to collapse carrot cellular walls, and this happens quickly.

Tenderizing shredded carrots in about 15 minutes with just 1/4 teaspoon of salt is easy.

Plus, they are flavored with salt.

You just need to toss the carrots in a bowl with some salt if you want to prepare them with the salt described above.

If they have not reached the level of giving you are after within a few minutes, let them sit for 10 minutes.

The softened vegetables can also be dressed with very acidic vinegar or pickled after softening.

To reduce the risk of your final dish having too much salt, rinse the carrot shreds before dressing them. 


The task to shredder carrots might sound big but in the end it’s worth every effort.

If you are in a hurry there is no harm to grab a bag of pre-shredded carrots but unfortunately, they won’t be as sweet and juicy as freshly cut at home.

The carrots will be moister and have a better texture if you shred them by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shred Carrots

Is Fresh Shredded Carrots Good For Long-Term Storage?

Keeping carrots in the fridge properly, you can store them for three weeks. It is important, however, to remember that cooked carrots will only be kept for three to five days in the fridge.

Grated Carrots Versus Shredded Carrots – What’s The Difference?

Cheese, coconuts, carrots, and cabbages, among other food products, are typically shredded or grated into smaller bits. Shredding produces thin strips, whereas grating produces particles that resemble small bits.