How to make whipped cream with coffee creamer

2 Simple Ways – How to Make Whipped Cream with a Coffee Creamer

Whipped cream consists of heavy cream, vanilla, and powdered sugar. On the other hand, coffee creamer is a milk product. People use it to make coffee, and it has the liquid and the powdered variety. This article helps in learning how you may get whipped cream using coffee creamer.

How will you make whipped cream from coffee creamer?

Although it requires extra effort, it is possible to make whipped cream out of coffee creamer. There exist various methods of doing this and they result in sweet whipped cream. You can make whipped cream out of powdered coffee creamer or liquid coffee creamer. Add a bit of sugar and lemon juice and mix it with an electric mixer, et voilĂ  whipped cream.

First Method

If you need whipped cream to up your dessert or baking purposes, you can use your powdered coffee creamer and make incredible whip cream.

Some people have lactose intolerance, and this makes a dairy-free whip cream very creative. The coffee creamers come in a variety of flavors like caramel, French vanilla, and mocha.


1 part lemon juice

4parts cold water

16 parts powdered creamer


Add all the ingredients to a mixing bowl

Use an electric mixer and whip the mixture on the high setting for about one to two minutes until you see soft peaks begin to appear due to the mixture stiffening.

Add three parts of confectioners’ sugar.

Continue mixing with the electric mixer for 3 minutes on the high configuration until hard peaks appear. 

After the peaks have been formed, store the contents in the refrigerator and wait to serve your whipped cream.

Helpful tips while making the whipped cream

For a fast mixing process, chill the bowl and the mixer in the fridge for some minutes before the process begins.

When you store your whipped cream in the refrigerator, it will harden a bit. Before you serve it, make sure to fluff it using a fork for even texture and appearance.

To add more flavor to your cream, mix a little of your favorite creamer to your newly made whipped cream or topping.

This addition will make the cream more sweet and stylish.

Method Two


Liquid Coffee creamer

Confectioners’ sugar



Use an electric mixer to whip the liquid coffee creamer

Add a small amount of confectioner’s sugar and the vanilla into the coffee creamer

Continue to whip and mix until you get hard peaks of whipped cream

Remember to also chill the bowl and mixer before mixing your contents for faster mixing.

The vanilla and sugar sweeten your whipped cream. This one contains no dairy products and will be best for people with lactose intolerance as some people suffer from this condition a lot nowadays.

To serve it best, store it in the refrigerator and use a fork to mix it a little before you serve or top your cake.

You may add your other cream to the whipped one to add to the flavor and taste.

Where can you use your whipped cream?

Now that you have succeeded in making some whipped cream, where will you use it? The following ways help identify areas you will find your cream useful.

Dessert Topping

When having your dessert, having this whipped cream topping will make it very delicious.

Over 35 types of desserts may be prepared using whipped cream.

You may make dessert cakes, pies, or even serve your cream with dessert and fruits.

To give your cream a longer fridge life, consider adding tartar cream to your stabilized cream.

This tartar will make it stay longer in the fridge serving you even longer.

For Homemade Sauce

The whipped cream will give you a great ingredient to make your sauce.

If you need your sauce thickened using non-dairy cream, then this will give a perfect solution.

The cream will not only thicken your sauce but also enrich it with flavors for a cold night meal. While cooking the souse, please do not allow it to reach boiling point.

It works better by mixing a half cup of cream into a sauce and stirring the cream into the sauce once the sauce gets heated after the mixture has thickened to your liking.

Taste to see if the flavor has blended into your liking and serve.

In your Coffee

As much as the cream was from a coffee creamer, you may still find it very delicious in your coffee.

Most whipped cream used for coffee comes from dairy products.

A person with lactose intolerance will not find this coffee healthy for them.

But these people need to enjoy creamed coffee as well. So how do you make them this special cup? You will need to have whipped the cream to achieve a soft appearance.

Add this whipped cream to your usually made coffee and sprinkle some cocoa or cinnamon into your drink.

The flavor and cream give your coffee a mix of flavor and thickness to make it very enjoyable.

For Cocktails with Vokda

The most amazing thing I came to realize was how you could add flavor to your alcohol.

Be it Smirnoff or vodka. By adding in some whipped cream, the drink gets more tantalizing.

To achieve this great mixture, whip your cream to a soft texture, then add your Smirnoff or vodka to your liking.

The drink will turn into the most amazing drink, and you will want to try it out again.

Frequently Asked Questions about Whipped Cream

Does coffee creamer achieve the thick whipped cream texture after whipping?

Although it takes a lot of fat to make the cream thick, you get your desired texture after adding the required ingredients and using an electric mixer.

Can whipped cream be stored in the fridge?

Yes, it will be possible to store your whipped cream in the refrigerator. You will only need to add some tartar cream to give it a longer fridge life.

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