How To Get The Tomato Taste Out Of Chili

How To Get The Tomato Taste Out Of Chili? Is It Possible?

You made chili, and it happened to be more tomatoey than expected.

It can be quite upsetting, and like me, you might feel you have ruined the whole dish.

This might seem like a failed attempt at chili, but there might be a way around this.

Instead of throwing the whole thing out, you might be able to save it.

You might need to try a few things and play around with different flavors and ingredients, and see what you can come up with.

There are many things you can add to the chili that will balance out the tomato flavor if you have just added too much.

How To Get The Tomato Taste Out Of Chili?

When your chili tastes too tomatoey, you can add things like bay leaves, dried basil, and cumin seeds that will help add a different flavor to the chili. Bell peppers and onion cubes can be used to help soak up the tomato flavor. You can even add something sweet to counteract the tomato, like dark chocolate, or apply jelly has been known to work well.

How Exactly Can You Tell If Chili Is To Tomatoey?

The best way to know if your chili is to tomatoey is to simply taste it.

You need to remember that taste will differ from person to person.

What might be too tomatoey for you might not be for others. I prefer to have a bit of a sour kick to the chili but also a bit of sweetness added.

To have it balanced, you will need plenty of spice and heat. If your chili does taste too strong than what you have previously made, or you feel that the tomato flavor has taken over.

It is safe to say that your chili is too tomatoey.

What Has Made Your Chili Too Tomatoey?

There are a couple of reasons as to why your chili might have too much tomato flavor.

The top answer is the certain type of tomato that you used in your chili.

The second answer is how much tomato product you put in. This can be from sundried tomatoes, tomato sauce, fresh or canned tomatoes, or tomato paste.

The Type Of Tomato You Used

Most times, when chili is made, there is only one kind of tomato product used.

Some people will add a mixture, but you need to be careful when doing this to avoid too much being added.

Fresh tomatoes won’t give off too much tomato flavor. It will be quite bland, actually.

The canned tomatoes are very strong and have a saltwater preservative which makes it extra sour and too acidic.

Tomato puree is very thick and strong flavored. Some will differ in sweetness and blandness.

You will find many that are simply too sour. Tomato paste should really only be used in chili when the recipe doesn’t taste tomatoey enough.

How To Fix Chili With Too Much Tomato

You might have a chili that is way too overpowering with tomato, but there are still ways that your dish can be fixed.

It will depend on how overpowering it is as to whether the tomato taste can be fixed, but it is worth a try

Low Oerpowering Ingredients

Things like cumin powder, herbs, and bay leaves can be used either separately or together to help bring down the tomato taste.

When you use these ingredients together, they become a medium overpowering agent, so you need to use them wisely.

To do this, you need to add the ingredients to a carrier oil such as olive oil then you can add them to the chili.

Stir and wait for the flavor to intensify, then taste and see if the tomato taste has reduced.

Using Curry Powder

Curry powder is mild and works well to take out the tomato flavor from chili.

All you need to do is add 1.5 teaspoons of the powder into your chili. Taste and add more if you prefer.

Curry powder can be intense so add small amounts at a time.

Onion Cubes

Using 1 cup of onion cubes into your chili that is designed to serve 4 people.

The onion will soak up most of the tomato flavor. Leave them in for about 20 mins then take them out.

The taste should be more balanced now.

Adding Sugar

Sugar is the most common thing you can add to help with the over-dramatic taste of tomato.

Add in small amounts until the taste is preferred.

Preventing The Chili From Being Too Tomatoey

Here are some tips to help you avoid that tomatoey taste in your chili that is a little overpowering.

Add your tomato product in portions

Whichever tomato product you are using, ensure you add it slowly in portions and always allow time in between adding it to give it time to settle into the mixture.

Adding pepper and salt

When you add ingredients to your chili, ensure that you adjust the pepper and salt; otherwise, the chili is going to taste bland, which will make the original flavor disappear.

Adjust the sugar content

If you are using canned tomatoes then you need to be adding sugar with it.

Adding 1.5 teaspoons of sugar into the recipe will work to balance out the sourness from the acidity in the tomato.

This will lower the taste of the tomato.


Don’t go throwing out your chili just yet without trying a few tips above to lower the dramatic tomato taste.

There are plenty of ways to reduce the taste and tips to prevent it altogether.

Try one or try a few and you might just have a chance of saving your extra tomato chili.

Frequently Asked Question About How to Get the Tomato Taste out of Chili

What Can I Add To Tone Down The Tomato Flavor In Chili?

You can add baking soda, which works well to ward off the tomato taste in chili. All you need to do is add a tablespoon of baking soda to a serving of chili for 4 people.

How To Enhance The Flavour Of Chili Without Using Tomato?

Add cinnamon powder or brown sugar to the recipe to intensify the chili. Add small amounts to ensure you don’t add too much.

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