How To Get Honey Out Of Carpet

How To Get Honey Out Of Carpet – Yes It’s Possible

Honey is sticky and thick due to all the kinds of sugar it contains. Honey can be enjoyed on toast, pancakes, and even just fresh bread and butter.

Honey is hard to clean up on basic surfaces like tables and clothing, but it is extra hard when you need to clean it from the carpet.

While the process might be frustrating, there is hope you can get it out of the carpet with a few tips and tricks.

Getting to the stain early will also help the process.

You can use dishwashing liquid and plain water but depending on how much honey is spilled and the type of carpet, you might need a different technique.

How To Get Honey Out Of Carpet?

Clean the honey in your carpet as soon as you notice it. First, you want to try and scrape off as much honey as you can. Mix two cups of water with one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and with a clean cloth, blot the honey stain until it absorbs the liquid. Do this several times until the stain disappears.

Using Dishwashing Liquid And Plain Water

Did you know dishwashing liquid isn’t just reserved for dirty dishes? There are many things that dishwashing liquid is good for, and one thing is getting harsh stains and sticky messes out of fabrics.

Dishwashing liquid has a high ability to dissolve things and works well without causing irritation to your hands or damage to different materials.

Liquid dish soap is actually great for helping to remove honey from the carpet. To do this, you need to scrape away as much excess honey as you can.

A spoon is a good idea here, so you can just scoop it up without getting honey everywhere.

To make your cleaning solution, you add a squirt of dish liquid into a liter of water.

Now grab a clean cloth or sponge and wet it, then drain the excess. Dab the honey area without rubbing, as this can cause the honey to dig into the fibers of the carpet. If this happens, the whole process will get a lot harder.

Once you have dabbed at the area for a minute or two, the honey stain should be covered in the solution.

Grab a clean cloth and go over the area gently to try and soak up as much liquid as you can. It is a good idea to place the bucket or bowl next to you so you can rinse and drain without dripping water into the sink.

Repeat this process dabbing at the stain with a sponge then using a clean cloth to blot it up.

Once you think it’s clean, grab a bowl of fresh warm water and a clean cloth. It is important to use clean water to avoid adding more dirt and stains to the carpet.

To finish up, use a dry clean cloth and wipe up any of the remaining water solutions from the carpet.

You want to try and make sure the carpet is left as dry as it can be. If you want to, you can also go over the floor with a steam cleaner which will help to soak up excess water.

Water And Ammonia For Cleaning Carpet

Ammonia is a compound of hydrogen and nitrogen and works well when used as a cleaning agent.

When using ammonia, you need to wear eye protection and a mask as it has a strong, caustic smell to it.

Get yourself a bucket of clean water and add 15ml of ammonia. Make sure you stir this well until there is a complete mixture.

Now you can go ahead and get a sponge dipped in the solution and, like above, dab the honey with it.

You only need to press on the sponge until the honey spot is covered.

Once the spot is completely covered, you can then use a rag to soak up the solution.

When you are done with that, you can rinse the spot with a clean cloth and fresh water. This process can be repeated if needed.

Ensure the spot is dried well. You can even place a cloth over the wet spot and walk over it several times.

Your weight can help to soak up the moisture. Leaving the carpet wet can lead to mold growth.

The Honey Is Dried Up How Can I Get It Out?

If you didn’t notice the spilled honey on the floor and now it has dried up completely, don’t worry.

While it is hard to clean dried honey within the carpet fibers, it can be done. In this case, you hope that you don’t have a long, plush carpet as it will be hard to get it out.

Now for dried-up honey, you are mostly going to go with the same instructions as above, but you need to use hot water instead.

Soak up some hot water with a clean rag and dab it onto the honey, which will start to melt it. 

You will have to repeat this several times until the honey is completely runny.

After it has all melted, you can go on and follow the steps above to finish the cleaning process.


Honey is yummy, but when it gets on things like carpet, it can be a complete headache.

With the tips above, it is possible to get both wet and runny honey out of the carpet.

Tend to the honey stains as soon as they occur will make your cleaning process easier.

Enjoy your fresh honey on toast, or maybe a little drizzled over your morning oats!

No matter how you eat them, no more worrying about how to clean the honey up safely without a trace.

If the dishwashing liquid doesn’t work, try the ammonia cleaning solution. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all. What might work for others very well may not work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Honey Stains

Can Honey Stain Fabric?

Honey can stain light-colored fabrics and end up making a sticky mess. If you neglect a honey stain, it can settle into the fibers on carpet and clothing and be very difficult to get out. Rubbing too much can damage the fabric also.

Can I Use Vinegar To Remove Honey From The Carpet?

While vinegar is commonly used around the home to clean with, you cannot use vinegar on carpets that have natural, wool, or silk fibers. The vinegar is too acidic and will damage the fibers, which will ruin your carpet.

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