How To Freeze Boiled Peanuts

How To Freeze Boiled Peanuts- It’s An Easy Process

Boiled peanuts are a favorite all around the world. They are prepared by boiling hot water and adding shelled peanuts with some salt.

When they are done, you will have boiled peanuts that feel quite soggy but will have a beautiful earthy flavor to them. 

Most people love eating boiled peanuts on a picnic or when they are watching tv. Some like to boil a whole batch and make their own peanut butter.

If you just enjoy eating them but have cooked too many to eat all at once, what can you do? Freeze them, of course!

How To Freeze Boiled Peanuts?

Boiled peanuts will only last a few days in the refrigerator, which is why people opt to freeze them. This way, they will last for 12 months, as long as you can resist them. Once your boiled peanuts are cooled completely, you can place them into an airtight, freezer-safe, and moisture-proof container. Ensure you have sealed the containers well. The peanuts are best stored at 0 degrees F.

How long do Frozen Peanuts Last?

If they are frozen properly, they can last a long time, although, past the 12 months mark, the taste and texture can be reduced.

If you just like to snack on boiled peanuts, then you can freeze them in small containers that are portion suitable that way, you don’t need to defrost the whole lot.

When it comes time to hit your peanut cravings, all you need to do is take them out of the freezer, and once thawed, you can enjoy them.

Boiled peanuts can also be frozen in freezer bags which may be easier to tuck away in your freezer.

Both bags and containers that are airtight will keep the air from getting into your peanuts.

The less air that your food is exposed to, the better. If your peanuts are exposed to air in the freezer, or they come loose from an unsealed bag, they can suffer freezer burn.

They are still safe to eat, but they will have a funny taste and be more soggy and shriveled when thawed out.

Reheating Boiled Peanuts

A good way for you to reheat boiled peanuts that have been frozen is in boiling water.

To do this, you just need to simmer some boiling water, then add your thawed peanuts and soak them for a few minutes until they warm up.

You don’t need to boil in salty water, but reheating in boiling water without salt can reduce the taste.

If you like the peanuts salty, add more salt to the water but only a little. If you add too much you cant take it out.

If you like, once they are thawed, and you are reheating, you can add some seasonings for extra flavor.

If you love smokey flavors, you can add smoked paprika, and if you like a kick, add some chili powder.

Are Boiled Peanuts That Were Frozen Good For You?

They certainly are. The boiled peanuts are full of nutritional value, and this is preserved when they are frozen.

Boiled peanuts contain magnesium, copper, vitamin E, and B, and phosphorus.

Due to their high fiber content, they help with constipation and gut issues. These are all preserved in the frozen peanuts, and even when reheated, they still contain nutritional value.

You can enjoy frozen boiled peanuts knowing they are healthy and good for you. Once you try them, you won’t look back.

Freezing To Preserve Your Boiled Peanuts

Once you cook your peanuts, you don’t need to freeze them right away, as they will stay fresh for a few days if kept in the fridge.

You can expect to get up to 7 days out of the boiled peanuts, but if you want them to last longer, they will need to be frozen.

Freezing straight after they have cooked and cooled will ensure there has been no time for bacteria and germs to grow on the peanuts that you end up freezing.  

Due to boiled peanuts still being a legume, boiled peanuts can be looked at as a boiled bean which means they can spoil quickly especially due to their water content.

How To Tell If Peanuts Are Bad?

If you freeze your boiled peanuts a few days after you have cooked them, you need to be on the lookout for signs they have gone bad.

Peanuts have a lot of oil in them, which means they can go rancid fast.

One way to tell is by sniffing the peanuts. If the peanuts smell sour instead of a normal nutty smell, then steer clear and chuck.

You can also tell via the taste; if the peanuts taste bitter, this is also a sign they are on their way out.

To avoid all this, it is best to freeze the same day you cooked the boiled peanuts just to be safe.


Boiled peanuts might just be the best thing ever. The tastiest snack that squirts out a little moisture when you bite into it.

Freeze your boiled peanuts, so you have plenty on hand to enjoy when friends come around or when you have a sudden craving for peanuts. Fast thawing and easy reheating, why wouldn’t you freeze peanuts?

Frequently Asked Question About How To Freeze Boiled Peanuts

Do I Freeze Boiled Peanuts In Their Water?

Peanuts need to be fully drained and dried before you freeze them.

How Long Will Peanuts Last Once They Are Thawed?

The thawed peanuts will last a few days but are best eaten the same day they are thawed to enjoy the freshness.

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