How To Cook Beans In The Rice Cooker

How To Cook Beans In The Rice Cooker – I’ll Tell You How I Do It

Can you actually cook dried beans in a rice cooker?

You certainly can, and let me tell you, it’s easy.

You might have cooked them in a slow cooker but let’s forget how long that takes.

Too many pots and pans are used on the stove, not to mention you have to supervise it. I am actually one of those people who use rice cookers for cooking pretty much everything except rice. 

I am a big fan of cooking dried beans in my rice cooker, and sometimes I’ll do a few batches to freeze.

How To Cook Beans In The Rice Cooker

After soaking your beans overnight, they can then go into the rice cooker with 3 cups of freshwater. Run for one cycle, then when that has finished, check the water level, add more if needed, and run for one more cycle.

Why A Rice Cooker?

Are you wondering why I cook my dried beans in my rice cooker?

Well, while the label may read rice cooker, it doesn’t mean it has to be just limited to that. Why have an appliance for every single food when you can cook most things in the same one?

I love to steam beans and cook dried beans in my rice cooker. But you can also steam vegetables and tamales in your rice cooker.

The rice cooker is a very useful appliance that can be used for many purposes when it comes to ingredients and different types of meals.

Cooking beans in the rice cooker is faster than doing them the normal way, so why would you want to waste time?

Create a less messy job and save more time for yourself by cooking the beans in the rice cooker.

The beans are moist and full of flavor when they are cooked at the right temperature for the right amount of time.

Instructions For Cooking Beans In The Rice Cooker

Soak your beans in the rice cooker overnight that is switched off and unplugged.

Add 3 cups of fresh water. When morning comes, drain and then rinse the beans and pop them back into the cooker with 4 cups of fresh water and a bay leaf if you have one.

Put the rice cooker on for one cycle, and then once it beeps, check how much water is still in there, adding more if needed.

Put another cycle on and remove and drain when finished. Give the beans a good rinse and use them in your recipes or eat them on their own.

While you might be tempted to don’t add any salt to the cooking process for dried beans as they won’t cook at all.

If you are wondering why a bay leaf was used, it is good for helping to break down the oligosaccharides that are in the beans. Bay leaves, 2tsp epazote eaves, kombu, or 1 tsp of cumin will also do the trick.

The bay leaf is my favorite to add because it gives a light flavor to the beans and makes your home smell earthy.

Forget the canned beans that are soggy and soaked in sodium cooking this way will give you fresh, hydrated beans you will enjoy.

If you are not a fan of the skins on beans, these are mostly removed throughout the cooking process.

Beautiful Black Bean Recipe

For this lovely, hearty meal, you need black beans, olive oil, lime, seasoning, cilantro, and an onion.

As for the appliances, all you need is your rice cooker.

Turn on your rice cooker onto high heat, then add a dash of olive oil and half a chopped onion of your choice. Stir them around together until the onion has released its flavor but don’t let them brown.

Rinse your black beans and add them into the cooker with the juice of your lime.

Now mix in your flavoring and seasonings, then add 4 cups of water. Before you start it, throw in your chopped cilantro.

Set the machine to cook for about 20 minutes.

This is a guide you might like them cooked more or less. Once you have tried them, you will know if you prefer them cooked longer or shorter.


If you never thought to use a rice cooker for cooking beans or never did it because you thought it was silly. Try it, and you will never look back. Enjoy the efficient time and the different tastes that you get.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Cook Beans

What If You Don’t Soak Dried Beans Before Putting In A Rice Cooker?

The beans that have not been allowed to soak will take longer to cook. There is no harm in not soaking. They will just take extra long to cook, that’s all.

Can Green Beans Be Steamed In A Rice Cooker

All you need to do to steam beans in a rice cooker is to place everything inside the steaming basket, add your water, and cook for about 30 minutes.

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