How to Clean Bath Maths With Suction Cups

How to Clean Bath Maths With Suction Cups

Bath mats with suction cups are very useful for your bathroom as they prevent you from slipping either in the shower or in the bathtub when standing-up.

The main function of bath maths is to provide you a place to stand whilst showering in the tub or shower. Water drains well through the bath mats as they have holes and are elevated by suction cups.

These bath mats are often cushioned and are comfortable for the underfoot. They are mostly made from durable and strong plastic.

The bath mats adhere to the floor due to the suction cups on the underside. They help to provide stability to individuals standing on it.

But how do you clean bath mats with suction cups?

You can either soak the bath mats with suction cups directly in the bathtub using bleach and water, or you can clean the bath mats in the washing machine.

These bath mats come with an antibacterial treatment, which also resists mildew and mold formation.

Bath mats with suction cups, however, need to be cleaned. If you want to keep your bathroom clean, you must clean your bath mats regularly.

But how then do you clean these bath maths best is the question? 

Cleaning of your bath mat only requires a handful of household items, some disinfectant and water.

You can clean your mats in two ways. You can either give them a good scrub by hand and soak them in your tub, or you clean them in a washing machine.

Cleaning your bath mats with suction cups by hand

Cleaning by hand is easy. You don’t even need to take your bath mat out of your bathtub; you can clean it right there.

Just pull the bath mats suction cups away from the floor of the tub.

Soak it in bleach and water and allow the solution to do most of the work for you. However, there are some pre-bleach to do before use.

Safety above all.

If not all, most of us are fans of bleach out here, however, it is a potentially harmful substance.

You need a few protective items such as thick rubber gloves and goggles.

Gloves will keep the bleach away from your skin, while the goggles protect your eyes in case of a splash to your eyes.

Make sure that your bathroom is well ventilated as the fumes from the bleach are unhealthy.

Keep your bathroom doors and windows open for air circulation during the whole procedure.

Finally, using hot water mixed with bleach endangers you by creating more potent fumes; hence use cold water only.

While mixing everything together, add cold water before adding bleach. Then stir everything together.

Measuring the cleaning solution

In order to measure the solution correctly you will need a measuring cup.

Pour one gallon of cold water (3.8 L) into your bathtub for a routine clean. Add about 0.001 gallons (4.9 ml) of bleach (a teaspoon) into water.

If your bath mat needs a heaver clean, pour five gallons of water in your tub and mix in 0.06 gallons or 240 ml (one cup).

Don’t forget to ensure that you have lifted the suction cups away from the tub floors first.

Either soak or scrub based on how dirty your bath mat is

The length of time to leave your bath mat in the tub depends on how dirty it is. If your mat has a few mildew stains, it may need some additional scrubbing.

A little elbow grease with the rough side of a sponge or Brillion pad will help remove grime.

Afterward, soak the mat in the bleach and water solution for a few minutes, and boom! The bath mat is clean.

If the mat has mold or mildew developed, then give your mat a lengthy soak.

Two to four hours should be enough to finish the fungi and the bacteria that may inhabit your mat.

Recommended best practices for cleaning your bath math

Once the bath mat is clean, it’s time to dry it. The best way to do it is by letting the mat dry outside in the sun.

UV light is considered a natural disinfectant so that it provides your mat an extra level of cleanliness. 

Drying your mat in a dryer is a no-go zone, no matter how strong the temptation to do so is.

The heat will warp your mat. It could also be damaged beyond repair if your dryer is strong enough. 

Washing your mat in the washing machine

If your life schedule is so busy that you don’t have time to do the hand wash, there is still hope!

You can let your washing machine do the washing. First, you will want to make sure that your mat can handle the wash cycle.

You do not want to see your mat deteriorate in your machine because this will force you to buy a new one, leave alone the time wasted cleaning debris in your washing machine. 

Before deciding how to wash your mat, read the mats instructions label on it.

It is usually indicated what method of cleaning can be used. And whether or not it can withstand machine wash.

Steps to a successful machine wash

Once you have determined that your mat can handle a machine wash, add the laundry detergent of your choice.  Select a gentle setting to avoid hurting your mat.

The best temperature to wash your mat is warm. Use gentle settings as this will keep your mat intact.

Extra tips for machine wash

If your mat is stained and smelly, then add a half cup of bleach to the load.

You can add towels and rags to ensure that your mat does not bang around or throw your machine off balance.

Towels or rags will provide gentle friction against your bath mat, and this will give it an even better clean.

However, if you add the bleach, make sure that the towels are white and will not be stained by the bleach.

Remember to employ the same methods you would use while doing the hand wash; dry the mat by draping or hang to dry, preferably outside in the sun.

If your suction cups had extra tough stains, mix baking soda in water to create a fast-cleaning mixture.

Scrub the stained areas with a toothbrush or a scouring pad. The baking soda paste will finish off the leftover stains.

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