How to Blow a Bubble Gum

How to Blow a Bubble – Tadadadaaa!

The majority of the people have seen bubbles or played with bubbles, while others do not know how to make bubbles. Most, if not all, want to play with bubbles because of the fun embedded in them.

In this article, we are delving into how to blow bubbles, how to blow bubbles with gum, and how to use bubbles for paintings.

How to Blow a Bubble Gum

Unwrap your preferred flavor gum and start chewing at your own pace. Make sure your bubble gum is soft enough. Once the gum is softened and sketchy, rub it between your tongue and your upper teeth, creating a very flat surface. Subsequently, place the flat gum at the tip of your tongue, make your teeth and lips tight or tighten your jaw by lowering it then patiently blow air into the gum. However, if you are too quick, you may not blow it perfectly. Also do not chew too much because your gum might get hard in the process, hard gums are difficult to blow. 

Try as much as possible not to swallow your gum while learning. For starters, it is pertinent to get chewing gum with a nice flavor.

Bubble gums with nice flavor enhance the fun included during training. More reason you should consider a scented gum whenever you visit the provision store.

You can also get a mirror or a video camera to watch yourself and make corrections. Likewise, you can engage your creative mind by producing various forms of the result. 

Blowing bubble gum adds fun while chewing gum, it also falls into the top category of fun games for both children and adults.

As easy as blowing bubble gum may seem, it takes longer to become a pro at it. Remember, it takes time, so do not feel bad if your initial attempts look poor.

How to Blow a Bubble Soap

One of the non-costly fun activities is blowing bubbles. However, it is crucial to learn how to make bubbles with soap, to avoid unknown mistakes, including soap intake. 

For your bubble-making ingredients, I recommend you use scented soap or your dishwashing soap.

Pour your desired quantity into a container. Add the right amount of water into the soap.

For better results and effects, add sugar. You can measure the sugar with your tablespoon to avoid adding excess sugar to your bubble mixture.

Get an instrument to stir your mixture and stir with care. Use another material to blow your prepared soap bubble.

Afterward, blow your bubbles and have fun at its peak. You can keep your remaining soap bubble in a container and place it in a safe location. 

Although sugar is optional, sugar increases the bubble size and longevity. Glycerin is also an optional solution that holds the bubble together. 

How to Blow a Bubble Inside a Bubble 

Bubbles can be embedded in one another, which shows you can have bubbles within bubbles.

To blow bubbles within bubbles, you should consider learning how to blow tiny bubbles first, then learn how to blow large bubbles.

Your needs are; your blowing straw, wet surface, and your proffered bubble solution. Dip your straw in your desired bubble solution.

Blow from the other end that is not placed in the bubble solution. After blowing the big bubble, gently blow another bubble at the side.

However, you should not feel bad when you do not make bubbles embedded in each other. Knowing how to blow bubbles takes time, which is often fun. 

Note that; you can use something else if you do not have a blowing straw. You can use anything else to blow bubbles.

How to Blow a Bubble Craft

Blowing bubble craft is creative and fun. Do you worry about a paintbrush? You are covered!

You can use the bubble craft without a paintbrush. However, bubble craft requires a solution with paint of various colors.

To make your bubble craft solution, you need to dissolve your paint inside water. The water should be in moderate quantity.

After preparing your bubble craft solution, get your bubble straw and start blowing on paper.

It is crucial to know that your first attempt may not be as good as you have imagined. Also, there is no mistake in art. Let creativity lead.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bubble Blowing

Is blowing a bubble with gum bad?

Blowing bubble gum is a popular way of having fun while chewing gum. Asides from the fun, people chew gum for different purposes, including getting rid of bad taste, mouth odor, and many others. The effect of blowing bubble gum depends on the gum’s type you chew. Sugar-free gums will prevent your tooth from decay and helps to secrete saliva in the mouth. Hence, it is pertinent to choose low sugar or no sugar gum during selection.

What is needed to blow a bubble?

People improvise or use different things to blow bubbles, but certain materials are more evident. Water is one of the essential and constant materials for making bubbles. Meanwhile, you can improvise straws with another material in blowing bubbles. You can punch a hole in your cup or any suitable container to replace your bubble straw.

Can I blow a square bubble?

Circle bubbles seem to be the easiest and the common ones. People often doubt if they can blow square bubbles. Square bubbles may not come out as a perfect square, but it is still square-shaped. Making square bubbles can be quite tricky. However, using the frame for square bubbles will be an advantage.

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