How Much Are Supreme Headbands

How Much Are Supreme Headbands? Are They Worth It?

The brand Supreme is very popular and is part of the cool streetwear for both teens and adults.

There is a huge market for Supreme clothing and headbands for both the new and the resale products.

The headbands are classed as functional value as they work to control the sweat when you are working out or going for a run.

The good thing about Supreme headbands is the fact they can also just be worn as a statement piece if you wish.

They are a versatile accessory, so you can look good while controlling your sweat.

How Much Are Supreme Headbands?

The cost of supreme headbands starts at 50 dollars and can range up to a couple of hundred dollars. While this might seem excessive for some people, the Supreme brand is durable and is made to last. You get what you pay for.

Supreme Headbands

The Supreme headbands are the upper hand when it comes to fashion. They have been developed with style, comfort, and fashion in mind.

There is a variety of colors to choose from to create a new look in your wardrobe. The headbands are made of acrylic materials, so they keep sweat away from your face while being comfortable to wear.

How To Spot A Fake Headband

When you are spending your well-earned pennies on a Supreme headband, you want to make sure you are buying the right thing.

You need to know the signs to look for when it comes to spotting a fake headband. Key elements such as the print, colors, stitching, and the logo can give it all away.

However, the main sign to look for is the price. If you see Supreme headbands at pop-up shops or just from people selling that are very low in price you can guarantee they are fake.

The lettering can be a sign if the letters are uneven or not in the right place it can be a fake.

Sometimes manufacturers will place a letter a little bigger than the other or use stitching that is a different shade which can help to distinguish the real from the fake.

Are Supreme Headbands Worth The Price?

The headbands are made with acrylic knitting fabric, so it is flexible and well made to handle the everyday wear and tear of working out. 

Once you have finished with the headband, it is important to wash it each time to get rid of the sweat and dirt to keep it in the best shape.

If you purchase a legit, real Supreme headband while they are on the pricier side of things, they are well worth the price. 

The headbands have a stain-resistant coating, and they won’t fade. The material dries fast, so you are not left feeling completely soggy. 

Instead of buying several other headbands every now and again, buy a supreme, and you can be sure they will last.


If you want a comfortable, stylish, and sweat-handling headband, you cannot go past the brand Supreme.

Ensure you buy a headband holder to keep your headband right where you can find it each time you want to wear it.

This will also ensure it isn’t thrown around on the ground getting dirty. Keep your sweat away in style

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