How Long Do Sunflower Seeds Last

How Long Sunflower Seeds Last – The Answer!

You have probably seen a sunflower blossom and admire its beauty. Perhaps, you have tasted or seen the seed, and you wondered how long you would keep the sunflower seeds before you plant or eat them? 

In this article, we are delving into how to store and refresh sunflower seeds, how to keep them, and knowing when sunflower seeds are bad.

How Long Do Sunflower Seeds Last?

When considering sunflower seeds’ duration, the period of storage is of utmost importance. Sunflower seeds can last for a year if refrigerated. If you store them in the kitchen cabinet, they can last for two to three months.

How to Know if Sunflower Seeds Are Bad?

Despite the difficulty in tracing bad sunflower seeds, certain features will indicate a sunflower seed is spoilt.

One of the easiest ways to know the spoilt seedling is the smell. Sunflower seeds smell bad when spoilt because of the olive break-down on oxygen exposure.

Another way to know if a sunflower seed is spoilt is through the molds on the seedlings.

Although, molds on sunflower seeds are rare features. It is crucial to check your sunflower seeds thoroughly to ensure there are no molds.

When you are in doubt about sunflower seeds, you can taste them or trust your instinct.

If a sunflower seed has a sour taste, it is best to discard them. Also, human instincts concerning food decay are proven to be true.

When you feel something is wrong with the sunflower seed, you can act based on your instinct.

How to Store Sunflower Seeds Properly?

Now that you are familiar with knowing a spoilt sunflower seed, here are ways to store sunflower seeds properly;

  • While keeping your sunflower seeds for re-plant, ensure that the seedlings are dry. You can dry your sunflower seeds over the night or for reasonable hours during the daytime.
  • Also, keep the seeds in tight-fitted containers. It is better to keep your sunflower seeds in an airtight container until you are ready to use the seedlings. 
  • Another thing to note while storing your sunflower seeds is, you should label your seedlings if they have various harvest days.
  • However, you can also refrigerate, but ensure you use containers that can fit into the refrigerator.
  • Knowing that your sunflower seeds are stored properly will make you worry less about their durability.

How to Know if Sunflower Seeds Are Good for Planting?

As stated earlier, the duration of a sunflower seed depends on its storage method. It suggests that the lifespan of the sunflower seeds is proportional to storage.

Generally, seeds lose their authenticity when you store them for a long time. Sunflower seeds may lose their viability when stored for a long duration and not properly stored.

However, you can know if sunflower seeds are fresh for planting by testing them. You can test your seedlings with a water test.

A water test involves putting your seeds in a water container to check if the sunflower seeds are still good.

After dropping your sunflower seeds in a water container, allow the seedlings to stay inside the water for fifteen to twenty minutes.

If your seeds do not float, they are still good. If they float, they are not in good shape.

However, it is proven that the water test is not reliable. Another known test is the germination test.

For germination test, take about fifteen sunflower seeds in a row on a damp material, preferably, paper towel.

Place the paper towel in a protected and warm place. Also, ensure that your paper towel is not close to sunlight exposure to prevent the sunflower seed from overheating.

If the sunflower seeds need more water, add in moderate quantity.

Check the seedlings daily to see if it has germinated. It is crucial to test your seedlings when the weather is favorable to plant them immediately and get accurate results. 

How to Refresh Stale Sunflower Seeds?

You can detect most stale seeds or foods are with a sense of smell. When your sunflower seeds start smelling or get staled, you can revive the l by toasting them in ovens.

Also, you can toast them in dry pans. However, you can bake sunflower seeds in the oven with spices. If you prefer spicy food, you will enjoy your spiced sunflower seedlings.

It is crucial to know that testing is only applicable to consumable seeds and not plantable seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions about how long Sunflower Seeds last

Can bad Sunflower seeds make someone sick?

It is rare to see a bad seed that is not contaminated. Bad sunflower seeds are contaminated with toxins that are unhealthy. However, researchers found out that people living in low-income countries are at high risk of contaminating the disease.

Do Sunflower’s seeds go out of date to eat?

Sunflower seeds may not go out of date to eat if refrigerated after purchase. Sunflower seeds that you do not keep properly will most likely spoil at ease. Seedlings in sealed boxes often come with the best before date. However, research proves that one can still eat sunflower seeds eight months after the expiry date.

Do Sunflower seeds expire for planting?

Packaged sunflower seeds have an expiry date. Although expired sunflower seeds are not healthy for consumption, they will grow if planted. It will germinate and bring forth healthy sunflowers.

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