How long it takes for acrylic nails to get done

How Long It Takes For Acrylic Nails to Get Done

If you want to have your hair and nails done, you have to have patience.

That is especially the case for acrylic nails.

But how much time does it take to get acrylic nails done?

I am writing here from my personal experience doing acrylic nails for years.

How long does it takes for acrylic nails to get done?

An average procedure will take 45 minutes to 1 hour. Applying acrylic nails is not your usual nail polish routine. It requires a lot of preparation, styling, and sculpting to get these nails done. This includes prepping the nails, sculpting, designing, and polishing. More time is required if you want your acrylics designed in a specific way.

Acrylic nails procedure and timeline

Before you start getting your acrylic nails applied, you have to make sure that your natural nails can handle the procedure.

If your natural nails are weak, acrylic nails will only damage them more.

Make sure your nails are healthy first before going into the procedure. 

This is the standard procedure nail technicians do to apply acrylic nails. 

Prepping the nails

Prepping the nails is an important step
Prepping the nails is an important step

First, nail prep is done using nail care oil or jojoba oil.

Applying nail care oil will prevent damage to your natural nails. 

The cuticle is pushed back by a cuticle pusher so no cuticle remains on the natural nail bed.

This prevents the acrylics from sticking onto it. 

The buffing block will then be used to remove the shine from the natural nails. 

The dust residues from the buffing block will then be removed by brushing or wiping with acetone. 

Time: This procedure is estimated to take 10-15 minutes for both hands. 

Applying and polishing the acrylic nails

Polishing acrylic nails
Polishing acrylic nails

The acrylic liquid is then poured into the dappen dish. 

The acrylic brush is dipped into the dappen dish and is used to get the bubbles out. 

Then the acrylic brush tip will be dipped into the acrylic powder to create a ball of acrylic.

The texture of it should be enough to be sculpted – not too dry and not too wet. 

Using the same brush, the ball of acrylic is applied on top of the nail and down to the very tip. 

The acrylic will then be sculpted by pressing flat onto the nails.

This step will take a bit longer since the brush will be carefully moved to spread everything out evenly. 

The nail technician might need more acrylic to cover the entire nail so the previous steps will be repeated several times until the nails are covered. 

Then a nail file will be used to polish the edges and top of the acrylics. 

Time: This procedure is estimated to take 20-30 minutes for both hands. 

Designing the nails

Acrylic nail design takes time
Acrylic nail design takes time

The nail technician will first assure that the acrylics are all dried out before applying the base clear coat.

Either s/he will use a nail lamp or an air-dry top coat to fully dry out the acrylics. 

Once the base clear coat is applied, cuticle oil is applied to the cuticle area of each nail.

It is also rubbed onto each finger to prevent drying out the skin and nails. 

Finally, the acrylic nails application is done!

It is now your choice if you want it plain, with simple nail polish, or nail polish with nail art. 

Time: This procedure is estimated to take 15-30 minutes depending on the design of the nails. 

Disclaimer: the said estimates are average calculations, and they may be different depending on the level of expertise of the nail technician.

Some experts can do it in 20-30 minutes only. If you are trying to do the acrylics by yourself, the procedure may take longer, especially if it is your first time doing it. 

Tip: if you want your nails to get strong and healthy, give your natural nails some time in between to grow.

Once you get your acrylics removed, let your natural nails breathe before going for another set of acrylics. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gettign Acrylic Nails Done

How frequent is acrylic nail maintenance needed? 

Maintenance and infill of acrylic nails depend on the condition of your nails after 2 to 3 weeks. If your acrylics are in good condition, 30-45 minutes is all that is needed. But if the nails are broken, the process might take 1 hour or longer. 

How long do nail acrylic nails lasts?

Acrylics will last from six to twelve weeks. How long acrylic nails last, depends on how you take care of them. If a person uses his/her hands often especially when doing chores or manual labor, of course, acrylic nails won’t last very long.

How to make acrylic nails last longer? 

In order to make your acrylic nails last longer, you have to keep your hands moisturized and clean. Also, be gentle with your nails while you work and wear gloves for manual labor. Go to the nail salon frequently to get your acrylic nails checked, maintained, and filled in. This will also increase their lifespan.


The overall procedure of getting acrylic nails done takes an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour.