How do Hair Extensions Work

How do Hair Extensions Work

Today, hair extensions are the magic that works for many women. In recent years, producers have created better quality and more natural hair extensions.

A perfect way to rock a gathering or an event!

Since hair extensions gained feasibility in recent years, it is critical to balance its information and market sales.

Hence, ensuring customers get the correct information and do not misuse a hair extension.

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

Hair extension work by dividing the hair into sections, opening the product, and apply it at the base.

Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a hair asset of almost every woman’s dreams. The main advantage of it is that it permits individuals to flex different hairstyles at any time. 

In the pursuit of achieving more voluminous and longer hair, women tend to hair extensions.

Being a better option than hair dye or heat application, hair extensions have gained popularity. 

Generally, extensions can beautify natural hair.

However, you should consider certain factors, which vary depending on the type of the hair extension. 

Halo extensions being the most popular, have worked effectively in performing magic to natural hair.

However there are different types of extensions and we are going to have a closer look.

Bonded Hair Extensions

This is a popular type of hair extension. They last longer than many other types but are more expensive. 

How do Bonded Extensions Work

In contrary to the traditional fusion of bonded hair extensions, hairstylists use keratin and ultrasound waves to fix the hair extension to the human hair.

Women refrain from using this method regularly because it tends to cause hair breakage. 

Why is this so? Bonded hair extensions contain gelatin. This increases the temperature between the extension and the natural hair. Human hair does not do well under heat.

On the positive side these extensions provide natural looking results

On the flip side, they take hours to be done.

In addition, they require retouching every 2-3 months.

Usually, people spend about $1000 and more for bonded hair extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

A clip-in extension is a long and soft hair clip that fixes temporarily to the hair root. Although clip-in hair extensions are getting less and less popular, they had their peak popularity in the early and mid-2000s.

How do Clip-in Hair Extensions Work

Open the clip-in hair, and ensure it stays close to the root. Pretty simple right? However, the process requires time and patience, especially if you want a lengthy attachment. 

On the positive, these extensions do not require any professional help and it is easy to maintain.

This type of extension can as well be damaging for the hair.

How is this so? Fixing the clip-in hair extension yourself increases the risk of damaging your hair root.

When you do not attach these hair extensions tightly to your hair root, it induces pressure and causes pulling. It then leads to hair loss or breakage. 

Nevertheless, if you can place your clip-in hair properly, your hair is safe with this type of extension. You can also have these extensions done by professional hairdressers.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extension increases the volume and length of hair by using an adhesive. Tape is used to glue these extensions to the hair root.

How do Tape-in Hair Extensions Work

Tape-in hair extension is similar to clip-in hair extension in terms of application. The main difference is that tape-in hair uses tape, while clip-in hair uses clips for attachment. 

Unlike clip-in hair, tape-in hair extension requires the help of a hairstylist. It also lasts longer than clip-in hair.

Tape-in hair extensions are more damaging than clip-in hair. Usually, artificial hair is difficult to remove since it uses strong adhesive. It can cause hair loss if not done properly.

However, you can rock your tape-in extension day in day out without any concern of hair loss, provided you request the service of an expert.

Some experts understand the secret of using the tape-in extension without causing hair breakage. 

Likewise, you can watch some video tutorials online and become an expert yourself.

Glue-in Extensions

Glue-in extensions are often for temporary purposes and special occasions.

How do Glue-in Hair Extension Work

As the name implies, it works by attaching the long hair strand to a human hair root using glue.

Usually, it is difficult to remove and often requires an oily solvent. 

This type of extension is more expensive than clip-in and tape-in hair, but it lasts longer. 


This article explained how different types of hair extensions work. It will help you form a better decision and choose the most suitable hair extension for your hair.

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