Dental Office Decorating Ideas

Dental Office Decorating Ideas

As a business owner it’s important to decorate your office in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

Dental offices see patients of all ages unless you run an adolescent-only dentistry office. Then the décor changes a little.

There are plenty of dental office decorating ideas that are going to be eye-catching to all patients.

After all, you want your patients to feel welcome, comfortable and enjoy the ambiance while in the waiting room.

Spaces large and small can benefit from being decorated the right way.

Not only is it beneficial for the happiness of your patients having an office that looks pleasing to the eye will draw more attention in Google business searches.

Brighten up the Walls

Believe it or not wall color plays a big part in the vibe of your dental office as a whole.

Using bright paint will make space feel more open even if the square footage is a bit smaller than most.

The on-trend colors for dentists’ offices right now are blues, reds, and greens.

That doesn’t mean choose a neon that can blind someone from a mile away, but bright in a way that seems to glow when the lights turn on. 

In addition to choice of paint color the choice of lights is very important. You want to ensure that your dental office is well lit without being overpowering.

Focal lighting fixtures serve two purposes; to be tie in the aesthetics of the room and to guide your patients through the office.

Putting eye-catching hanging lights above reception, the waiting room, or any other extras like a coffee bar or game area will create a single traffic flow to follow. 

Recreation can be Decor 

Waiting rooms are notoriously boring, uncomfortable and dull. Why make your patients wait somewhere that makes them want to come to your office less?

A cool new way to look at all these dental office decorating ideas is to use forms of entertainment as decorative pieces.

Turn the flat screen you have on the wall into a mini movie theater by adding larger chairs and frame the television as a mural.

Make it the focal point instead of just another place to watch TV. It’ll help your office stand out and provide a unique experience for your patients.

Add Home Comforts

Sometimes, half a dentist visit is sitting in the waiting room. Why not make it a fun experience?

Adding touches of home is a great way to expand a warm inviting hand to your patients without making it over the top.

Instead of rows of uncomfortable and bland waiting room chairs why not add a few sectional couches?

You can add in more of those vibrant colors mentioned earlier in the throw pillows. Make your waiting room look more like a living room instead.

Refreshments is an amenity you don’t expect at a dentists office. Make a nice counter space and add a place to put refillable water glasses and free coffee.

A small vending machine or two with more than just pretzels shows your patients you actually care about their time and value it.

Decor goes beyond artwork and sculptures. Sometimes that’s what holds a dentist office back from being spectacular.

Adding other items like faux fireplaces, snack bars, and game tables can help tie in the homey feel. 

Another great addition to the idea of am entities in regards to dental office decorating ideas is to completely style the place like someone’s home instead of an office.

By straying away from the stuffy and boxy ideas of an office itself you’re able to incorporate more colors, textures, and artwork into your office that will pull the whole look together.

Plants make good décor pieces and provide fresh air. A little green among neutrals or warm colors helps balance and take up small spaces that look empty. 

Glam it up

Catering to adults only means a different style can go a long way. Glam is a trending home decor style that can easily be transferred into a dental office design.

Plush faux gold framed couches in the waiting chairs with faux marble end tables. Deep blues and violets as accent colors in the pillows and even the walls if the space is large enough.

You can even add a sleek coffee station with a small area for snacks among the comfortable seats and decorative flowers.

Open up Your Office

Dental office decorating ideas don’t always stem from the decor itself. One of the growing trends in offices is now to have an open concept.

Instead of lining up chairs, having a walkway to the reception area give your patients the option to sit by the window.

Or near reception. Maybe in the center of the room on one of the sofas.

Open concepts take away the stuffy feel of a dentist’s office and create a welcoming room to hang out in while they wait to be seen.

Even if your office space is small adding bright colors and smaller sofas throughout can open up the floor plan. 

Try adding a mix of love seats and plushy chairs around different areas of the waiting room.

If there are a lot of windows in your office put some of the seating near the light with a few end tables and flowers to add both color and aroma.

Create a small reading space where kids can sit comfortably with books and their parents can watch from the couches a few feet away. 

Decorating a dentist’s office is the same as decorating a home. You want people to feel comfortable and welcomed.

Try some of these dental office decorating ideas and see how much of a difference it makes. A splash of paint could be all you need.

Or, completely renovate and try an open office floor plan. Colors and lighting can help make a small office look bigger so don’t be afraid to go bold with your colors. The results may surprise you. 

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