Best Narrow Dresser Ideas - Hom Décor

Best Narrow Dresser Ideas – Home Décor

For some odd reason, storage spaces always seem insufficient or full when you need to put something away.

Anyone with a modest number of clothing items and assorted accessories continuously needs to upgrade their storage space.

And when the said storage is saturated or unavailable, the room is adversely affected in the form of clutter.

Undoubtedly, dressers and chests of drawers are a classic part of bedroom furniture that provides an enormous capacity of storage in a confined area.

Ideas For Narrow Dressers

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that can give you the maximum amount of storage space in a tight and narrow floor area, a chest of drawers would be the best choice, such as the standard chest or the lingerie chest.

These not only provide an extensive and divided storage space but also make an elegant addition to bedroom furniture.

Read on to learn about dressers, chests of drawers, and the various modern yet efficient choices when it comes to storage in a small available space. 

Chests Of Drawers Vs. Dressers 

An important point to note here is that dressers and chests of drawers are essentially different structural varieties of furniture that provide the same purpose; storage.

Dressers and chests are both furniture pieces with a stack of drawers; dressers are usually short and wide while chests are typically taller and narrower.

Dressers have up to three drawer levels and at the most reach the waist height. This height limits the dresser top to function as a tabletop where you could put your clothes, accessories, and mirrors, particularly when changing and getting ready.

On the other hand, the chests of drawers typically have somewhere between 3 to 8 drawers.

These provide extended levels of storage while saving floor space and reaching well beyond the waistline. Their top space is usually negligibly occupied because of the height.

Kinds Of Dressers And Chests

Both dressers and chests of drawers come in versatile sizes and take up defined spaces.

Horizontal dressers or the standard ones have up to 3 rows of long, wide drawers, in a single column, with a tabletop, such as the 3-Drawer Dresser at Wayfair.

These have smaller versions too and can be used as nightstands. 

Double dressers are particularly broad with two columns of drawers. The wideness gives a bigger tabletop that can accommodate a big mirror, a collection display, or even a TV or a screen.

The TLK Sammi Series Dresser at Badboy Superstore is a classic piece.

While the combo dresser has additional vertical cabinets in the design, such as the South Shore Lilak 4-Drawer Dresser at Walmart.

Coming to chests, they have their own set of varieties. The vertical chest is the standard chest, tall with deep-yet-narrow drawers, as you can see the ideal Ikea piece, the Malm.

The lingerie chest is similar to the standard chest but it is even narrower, if not taller. It makes the ideal choice for narrow floor space availability and can be used to organize smaller pieces of apparel, intimates, jewelry, makeup, and other accessories.

The Libby 6 Drawer Lingerie Chest at Wayfair is simple yet fulfilling.

The gentleman’s chest has drawers supplemented with a tall, vertical cabinet that can have a hanging rod or shelves to put clothes while the bachelor’s chest is a smaller version to accommodate the clothing of a single person.

The Liberty Furniture Industries Bayside Chest and the Collection 1 are ideal examples.

Lastly, the media chest is a mix of dresser and chest; wide, tall, and provides an open-top shelf for keeping entertainment accessories, such as the Sonja 4 Drawer Dresser.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Dresser For Your Bedroom

Going through the different sizes of storage furniture available in the market, one thing is for sure; you must have some basic set requirements before you go shopping.

  • The dimensions- the length, width, and height- of the floor and wall area that will accommodate the piece of furniture and the corresponding size of the furniture,
  • The amount of storage you expect to increase,
  • And of course, the balance and possibly maintaining the theme with the rest of the items in the room.

So, if you are looking for ample storage in a restricted width and height, you could take a look at a horizontal dresser or a smaller nightstand version.

But, if you have a wider area available or you need generous space for clothes, you could opt for a double or combo dresser, at the same height.

Yet, if you have a tight space and have no concerns with the height, you could go for a standard chest of drawers. It all comes down to the space availability.

Seven Storage Alternatives, Better Than Dressers?

Sometimes, rooms have negligible spaces to adjust dressers or any bulky furniture.

If you also have too tiny of space or no space at all, and you are weary of all the clutter in your room, you should take a look at these other possibilities for better storage within your goal:

  1. Storage bins and sliding drawers under the bed provide an efficient way of using the empty place, such as the Hemnes available at Ikea. The issue would be if you had a low bed or having to get down on the floor to access the stuff.
  2. Adding floating shelves in the wall above the headboard, or at any wall on variable heights, can give you sufficient space to declutter your room, like the ones on Etsy. Just make sure not to overload the shelves. 
  3. Built-in and custom-made closets make a suitable alternative to bigger chests when you need a lot of storage space since they can have hanging, shelving, and drawer spaces all in one but more spread out, the Home Depot has great ideas for these.
  4. Open bookshelves are an economical and modern alternative to dressers, particularly where pulling out the drawers can be an issue. Take a look at this chic Bookshelf on Amazon.
  5. Ornate wall hooks, ladders, and coat trees provide hanging storage space for accessories like handbags, jewelry, and jackets in a functional, yet attractive way. Wayfair has loads of designs like the Ella wall-mounted rack and the Towerside coat rack.
  6. Ottomans and end of bed trunks and benches have double benefits; seating space and storage. And with the thousands of choices in such pieces of furniture, it would be fun to try around the different styles and shapes, similar to the Faux leather Bench at Bouclair or the set of three Malmo ottomans at Leon’s.
  7. Decorative lidded baskets and wicker laundry baskets, particularly the stackable ones at Etsy, provide a surprisingly big space for storage of beddings and clothing items.

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