Best Mirrors With Shelves

Best Mirrors With Shelves – Home Décor

Mirrors are one of the most creative and fancy inventions of all times

The reflective abilities of the mirror provide us with a reverse and equal image of what is presented in front of it.

A plane mirror gives a realistic image while a curved one can give us a distorted, magnified, or shrunken image while maintaining the image’s details.

In addition to help in grooming, mirrors are a classic part of home décor and architecture.

Mirrors amplify the light content in the room, add dramatic effects, and enhance the room’s distinctive and spatial features.

Moreover, mirrors are parts of multitudes of practical tools used in everyday life, including car rear and side-view mirrors, the dentists’ instruments, cameras, etc.

The Best Mirrors With Shelves

The mirrors with shelves and shelves with mirrors both provide the best results in being a purposeful reflective tool and having a possibly small yet significant storage space.

Depending on the room or walkway where you decide to hang the shelved mirror, it can give an elegant look to a dull wall and make the room appear bright and spacious, in addition to having a space to keep your relevant everyday items handy.

Read on to learn some inside secrets of mirror décor.

The History Of Mirrors

The earliest humans depended on still water with dark grounds to see their reflections.

Then around 6000 BC, the Anatolians made the first polished stone mirrors (modern-day Turkey).

By 3000 BC, Egyptians had grasped the art of polished copper mirrors.

Glass mirrors emerged in the 3rd century AD, after the origination of glasses and glass blowing techniques. But their mirrors had irregular surfaces that produced distorted images.

By the 16th century, the glass mirror industry in Venice had evolved enough to manufacture fine rectangular mirrors with lead and tin coatings.

Because of better affordability and strength, the mirror-making industries shifted to use silver instead of other metals for polishing the glass during the 19th century.

Finally, the form of contemporary mirrors was introduced in the 20th century. The most recent mirrors have silver, aluminum, nickel, or chromium plating depending on the quality and use of the mirror.

Finding The Best Style Of Mirror

Living in the modern age, mirrors play a big role in our homes and offices.

The overwhelming options for the styles and sizes of mirrors available can have you see birds flying around your head without taking a hit (honestly!).

But don’t worry, we have done some homework for you to make a better decision. First off, the shape of the mirror:

●   The simple circular mirror with a border is timeless like the Kiernan Round Wood Accent Mirror available at Allmodern and modish like the Quinto Round Accent Mirror from Joss&Main. Such mirrors go with all sorts of interiors and that makes them a go-to choice for most people.

●   Square mirrors have a heavy, statement look and should be paired with bigger consoles and larger furniture, such as living room backgrounds. The Kelly Mango Wood Square Mirror at Potterybarn is an excellent example.

●   Ovals and rectangular mirrors give a more traditional, statement look and may be placed horizontally or vertically. These can also go in most places, commonly as part of the wardrobe panels, beside dressers, bathrooms, or for more compact entryways. The Epinal Modern Accent Mirror at Wayfair and the Frameless Amyrilla by Décor wonderland at Walmart make a great impression.  

●       If you have a chic sense of style or you want to add the wow-factor to the room, think outside the box. You could choose from the Stingley Rustic Octagon, the Selkirk Sunburst one, or the Ayala Freeform mirror.

●   Or simply break the boundaries and have a set of mirrors instead of just one to create a unique accent, exaggerating the senses of symmetry or asymmetry, like the Aiden Accent Paneled mirrors.

Choosing The Right Size Of Mirror

Now coming to size, choosing a small or large mirror will depend on what your intended function of the mirror is.

●   Grooming or décor in your bedroom demands a medium size to fit over the dresser or a tall and narrow one to give you a full-height image.

●   The hallway or entryway mirrors are usually medium-sized mirrors with elegant designs, sometimes hung above the foyer table or on the opposite walls complimenting the table.

●   Living room mirrors are medium to large and balance with the rest of the furniture. Classic mirrors with defined borders are hung at a level above the couch.

●   Finally, the bathroom mirrors, the most used mirrors of the house, should be big enough to give an adequate reflection, yet not overcrowd the area above the vanity or sink.

The good thing about the shelves with mirrors

The point with mirrors with shelves is that they would not only make a great wall hanging in any room, but also a great place to keep your items accessible. And who wouldn’t like having extra space to keep some quick-use stuff handy?

Pharmacy mirrors on a wall in the bathroom could give you double vanity space for medicinal, dental, and personal hygiene needs, like the Arch frameless mirror at Walmart.

The hallway mirror could be used for keys, wallets, and decorative displays to glam up the entryway. I would suggest taking a look at the 3 Piece Steves set.

Or you could use a shelved mirror in the bedroom to stash your makeup and whatnot-mini-accessories that you can’t even remember you had, like the Rilen Round Mirror.

A single or double shelf with the mirror can hold many items per se, but some shelves also have drawers underneath or fancy hooks to hang items like scarves, umbrellas, and masks.

Secrets To Ensure The Quality Of A Good Mirror

The materials used to make the mirror, the glass and the metal lining need to be pure, else the reflections would be inconsistent and distorted.

High-quality home and office use mirrors have a thickness of about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch; the thicker the glass, the better the quality (the higher the cost).

Inconsistencies in the wall behind the mirror can affect the reflective properties of the mirror.

The metallic lining should have a proper sealer with a multilayer coating to prevent it from tarnishing over time.

The best results in mirror reflections are given by silver linings that have no copper, and lots of black paint coatings to seal the silver on the backside.

Cheers to a lovely reflection and more storage.

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