Floor Couch Ideas

9 Floor Couch Ideas – Home Décor

Comfort is evolving. Styles, colors and trends change and adapt as time moves forward. In the world of home design new styles of comfort become available for us to try out.

One of these creative innovations that has changed the way people get comfortable in their own homes is the floor couch. Sounds uncomfortable right?

The creators of the floor couch took into account that floors are notoriously uncomfortable and ensured the floor couch is extra cushioned and extra cozy.

There are plenty of designs, shapes and colors to choose from if you’re interested in an alternative to standard couches.

Or, use the floor couch as another sitting area for big family gatherings if you don’t have room for another large couch.

1.Pallet Sofas

A great DIY project for people who take pride in building their own furniture and truly enjoy crafting.

You don’t need to be a carpenter expert in order to build this floor couch. All you need is a few pallets and large floor couch cushions to place on top of the pallets.

Some people add backing to them in order to keep the couches upright and other people choose to lean them against the wall for support.

You can also purchase oversized pillows to both accent the couch color and provide additional back support.

2.Crochet Couches

Crochet furniture has become a very popular staple among bohemian and eclectic-styled homes.

A well made crocheted floor couch can become the coziest place to curl up with a good book or to watch your favorite movie.

These couches range in sizes which makes them a perfect option for additional seating in smaller spaces.

Crochet floor couches are ideal for individuals too. The smaller crochet floor couches make a snug solo area for you to get comfortable and enjoy some solitude. 

3.Simple Floor Couches

Why change a design when it’s already great? If you prefer the simple things in life getting a traditional floor couch may be the best option of all the styles out there.

Opting for a neutral color will make it easy to match with the colors in your home and provide a blank canvas for you to accent with colorful or printed pillows.

Basic floor couches have thick cushions in a square shape that sit directly on the floor with sturdy backing.

Some are shaped like a sectional while others can be moved around and changed depending on the size of the room. Basic, yes. But boring? Not at all.

4.Make it a Reading Nook

The floor couch doesn’t have to be the main space for gatherings. You can get smaller floor couches and make the area an inviting and comfortable reading nook.

Whether you’re an avid reader or a casual reader it’s nice to have space where you can curl up comfortably by the window and spend some quality time reading without having to shift or get comfortable every few minutes. 

5.Flex Sofas

Still a floor couch but with much thicker padding that gives it half a foot in height. Consider it a mix of a traditional couch and a floor couch but without the stiff framework.

There is still build in back support that can be hidden by large pillows or used as an accent point if you choose to get this couch in a bold color.

This option is great if you’re on the fence about wanting seating completely on the floor but don’t have much space for large standard couches. 

6.Low Height Sofas

These alternative sofas mimic the design of sectionals and have some height, but are still designated as floor couches.

They do have more height to them like the flex couch but are much larger. They come in different shapes much like sectional sofas with a chaise option on the left or right.

They’re longer and can seat more people. If you’re wanting a sofa that can seat a large number of people but still want a floor couch looking into this style is going to be your best bet. 

7.Contrasting Colors

Unlike traditional sofas you can purchase sections of floor couches and create DIY couch pattern.

Mixing contrasting colors and patterns is an artistic way to add your personal style to your home and create a one of a kind piece of furniture. In a home with mostly neutrals make your seating area the center piece.

Use bold colors against soft colors, stripes against paisleys, or any other design combination you can think of. Being creative in the home is something to be appreciated!

8.Classic Leather

Leather couches are popular for a reason. They look chic, are more stain resistant and are easier to clean.

If you’re looking for something sleek and traditional opting for leather over fabric is the best way to get the look you’re going for. Leather floor couches are sturdy and built to last.

They’re a good option if you have a lot of traffic in your seating areas or have pets that like to jump up on the furniture. 

9.Velvet Dreams

Instead of plain fabric you can elect to replace normal couch material with velvet.

A fun, colorful and unique choice for a couch that is just as comfortable if not more than an average sofa.

Mix and match different jewels or pastels. Or get a solid color and mix textures by adding pillows with contrasting patterns that you can feel and see against the velvet.

Adding a floor couch to your home doesn’t mean you have to negate the couch you already have.

They can be a fun add-on. A great extra sitting or sleeping space for guests if you don’t have a spare bedroom.

Turn a lifeless corner into a cozy reading or gaming nook. There are plenty of options and decor ideas revolving floor couches.

They’re a popular trend for a reason. They’re just as comfortable but more versatile than traditional couches. Why not take a leap and try a new design? After all, comfort has no limits!

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