Indoor Swing Ideas

8 Indoor Swing Ideas – Home Décor

Swings are no longer limited to being an outside piece of furniture and they are not just for kids anymore either!

Indoor swings have become a bohemian and funky statement piece among top home designers.

From simple, singular and practical to bold and eye-catching having an indoor swing is becoming a popular trend.

You don’t have to have a family or children to enjoy the comfort of an indoor swing either.

Let’s talk about the eight best indoor swing decor ideas popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest. 

The Simple Swing

Many companies now have easy to install swings that are made from simple fabrics and thick ropes.

These individual swings can be custom designed to match the colors of your home or be used to add a pop of pattern if you’re lacking in a certain room.

Individual cloth or fabric swings can be placed in homes with smaller spaces too without being disruptive.

Just make sure you have enough room to swing gently without knocking anything over! Placement is key.

Cloth swings have an extremely thick rope to hold up the swing and whoever is sitting on it ties in great with a farmhouse or bohemian artsy-styled homes. 

Wooden Swings

Classic wooden swings are another top seller because they are larger, the swing portion is sturdier and they look more rustic.

Choose from dark or light stained wood planks that can either stand out or match the wood already in your home.

If you’re crafty you can add a cushion, using the color of your choice, to put on the swing itself to make it more comfortable.

Wooden swings are great if you have a farmhouse vibe or prefer a traditional-looking swing that mimics the ones that used to hang from giant old oak trees back in the day. 

Swings for Kids

Indoor swing decor ideas don’t have to just center around the adults in the house.

Add a kid friendly swing to your child’s playroom or bedroom for some fun when the weather is bad or it’s just too hot to be outside for long!

There are plenty of DIY kid and toddler swing instructions. Just be sure where you attach the swing can support the weight without ruining the ceiling or falling.

Especially with younger children safety should be a priority. There are different colors and designs on premade swings that will match your child’s room too!

Add Some Pop Culture 

For all the pop culture fans out there you can buy a premade individual swing that has comic book prints on the cushion.

Choose your favorite superhero, hero team or supervillain to support you in your swinging adventures.

These are a little costly but the price is worth what you get in return. A fun print of your favorite comics and a comfortable place to swing and read..well..comics!

Or books, or whatever else it is you like to indulge in while on your comfy indoor swing. These swings are great for bachelor or bachelorette pads. 

Comfy Hammock Swings

Hammock swings are a fun combination of the traditional hammock and swing to make a cozy half cocoon for you sit in and enjoy.

Choose from a myriad of fabrics with prints and colors to match your ideal aesthetic.

Falling on the eclectic and indie style these specific indoor swing decor ideas stem from the idea that relaxing in your home doesn’t just mean a traditional couch or cushion.

Add a small pillow or a blanket to make it extra cozy during rainy nights or winter days where you just want to snuggle up and relax. 

Macrame Swings

Macrame is a delicate woven design used often for bohemian style artwork and furniture.

Pre-made macrame swings are like a woven ball cut in half that hangs from your ceiling making it the perfect spot to rest and relax.

Most macrame is white but if you don’t want to see any possible stains since its hard to clean you can opt for darker colors instead.

These tend to be larger and can hold your entire body like a chair just check where you plan on attaching it and double-check the weight limit.

Especially if you have more than one child that may want to use it.

Palette Chairs

Another rustic design that can be homemade or store bought. One of the great things about pallet chairs is that if you’re making it yourself you can choose specific wood for your designed looks.

Indoor swing decor ideas are a great jump off point to get inspiration from, like the pallet chairs seen on Instagram.

You can copy the manual designs but choose an old pallet from a barn or a brand new polished pallet. It all depends on your desired look.

Palette chairs are a great addition to any rustic or farmhouse decorated home. 

Tent Chairs

Shaped just as they sound, like a tent! These chairs are ideal for toddlers or children who want an entire fortress around their swing.

It can block out light, become a private area if there’s a lot of people in the home, or be a fun fort for kids with active imagination.

They come in multiple colors and have padding inside them already so they’re cozy and warm. Make sure there’s plenty of space for the kids to climb in and swing to their heart’s content though!

Indoor swings are becoming more popular in the mainstream home decor circle but they are not brand new.

Just then newest trend! They’re a great alternative seating option and are a great space for kids to hang out and read.

Indoor swings look like great as an accent piece too and can fit pretty much anywhere you have extra space.

With all the options available you’ll have a myriad to choose from that will surely match your chosen decor for your home.

Why not get two? One for the adults and one for the kids! They’re both sure to be a great addition to your home. 

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