Best Bachelor Pad Art Ideas

7 Best Bachelor Pad Art Ideas

Bachelor pads have a notorious reputation for being unclean with furniture that could double as a patio set. Who wants to live in that?

Decorating your bachelor pad doesn’t have to be limited to stereotypical scripted furniture and art.

Even if you’re a minimalist that prefers having simple and sleek decor. Art is a great way to incorporate color and style without clogging up your space.

Art can be big or small, modern or classic. It can be a sculpture or a painting or even a wall sculpture.

Everyone’s preferences are unique so why limit yourself? Let’s go through the trendiest bachelor pad art ideas taking over social media today.

Go Big or Go Home

Decorating a room can be tough when there’s a lot of space and you’re not sure what to put to fill it up.

Instead of combing through endless choices why not pick out one big art piece that can take up a decent amount of space?

Not only will it become a focal point of the room a good piece of art can brighten up space and add accent colors without trying too hard.

Oversized artwork has become a home decorator’s secret weapon. Think of how big lofts and office walls can be.

Overloading them with artwork doesn’t always look pleasing.

Using one or two oversized works of art takes up a chunk of wall space and acts as a decorative piece that can tie a room together.

Vintage Artwork

Are you a fan of the late sixties? Maybe eighties grunge? Why not bring those personal tastes from years ago into your bachelor pad?

Using vintage artwork and prints is another huge trend in bachelor pad art ideas. Using old ads or movie posters is a great way to add a brawny touch to your bachelor pad. They’re pretty cheap, too.

You can pay for digital copies and have them printed out on whatever size you desire then frame them and ta-da!

You can bring the whole vintage image together by choosing modern mid-century pieces of furniture too.

Not everything has to look straight out of a 1960s catalog, but tying in some pieces will really drive it home.

Stick with Black and White

Not a big fan of color? Not a problem! There are many modern and pre-modern works of art that are strictly black and white.

From pencil drawings to ink portraits using black and white as a sole color scheme is a tasteful take on mainstream bachelor pad art ideas.

This is a great option if you’ve already added a bunch of color or a mass amount of one color to your bedroom or whole space.

Balancing out colors, even if it’s a darker blue, is going to be more aesthetically pleasing than an overload of one or more colors.

Black and white art is a great way to include various types of art and subject matter. The color scheme will keep it matching without the pieces having to be exact replicas of each other.

Think Outside the Box

There’s no rule book for design. Sure somethings mesh better together than others but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to one style!

If you’re a fan of contemporary and classic artwork go ahead and use both! Mix and match the furniture styles while you’re at it.

Having a well-decorated space is all about what makes you happy in your own home.

Bachelor pad art ideas are a great jump-off point and if you like two or three different ideas why not combine them?

Use different pieces for different rooms. Different sizes can come together to make a wall art collage no one else would have in their home. Be unique and true to your style!

3D Art Counts Too

Art isn’t limited to pictures and paintings on the wall. You can use sculptures and other objects as artistic decor.

Add a small sculpture on your counters or dining room table. Put a 3D sculpture on your wall so that it sticks out and adds some texture to the room. Road signs count too!

Anything you can hang on a wall counts as artwork so let your imagination run wild.

Wooden signs, hanging planters and pretty much everything in-between. It all depends on your style and what you want the focal point to be when you have guests over. 

Metal Artwork

Not a big fan of hanging paintings all over your place? No problem. Iron and metal wall artwork combines a masculine vibe with great style which is why its one of the big bachelor pad art ideas going around.

Hang a massive iron sculpture of a world map above your work desk. Or find scenery you enjoy like a mountain top or ocean hang that as a focal point in your living room.

Big or small iron sculptures are a cool industrial way to add the artwork to your bachelor pad without being overwhelming. 


Photographs you take yourself or purchase at a store is an alternative to paintings. You can stick with the black and white theme or go for colors.

Photographs can be professionally blown up too and be used in the same way oversized paintings are.

They take up space and showcase what’s dear to you. Or, just what you like to look at every day.

You can make wall collages or stick to three in a row for a crisp clean way to bring together your living room. 


There are plenty of ways to decorate a bachelor pad that doesn’t include stereotypical furniture or ‘decor’ items.

Incorporating art pieces tailored to your personal likes will make coming home much more pleasant and aesthetically pleasing to any company you have over.

You can retain the masculine vibe you’re aiming for without letting go of style. Even if you don’t want to put that much effort into it!

Try a few of these ideas and see what you can find to make your bachelor pad a perfect place to hang out, relax and unwind. 

If you are interested in decorating a bachelorette pad, we have you covered as well.

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