Best Frugal Female Fashion Tips

11 Best Frugal Female Fashion Tips – Save Money!

Contrary to the belief of many girls and women, being fashionable doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Yes, branded clothes and accessories don’t come cheap, but there are tips you can apply to be on top of your game without being in debt. 

For instance, who says every pair of shoes you buy must be from Kenneth Cole? Or every top must be from Gucci?

You can always mix things up. And this article actually gives some tips on how to follow fashion trends without emptying your accounts.

Is it really possible to be trendy without spending a fortune?

The simple answer is yes. We understand that quality doesn’t come cheap. Nevertheless, if you follow some of the tips we’ll discuss below, you’ll always appear gorgeous without having to spend all your earnings on fashion.

11 Great Frugal Female Fashion Tips

1.Consider universal colors first

When buying your shoes and bags, it may be a good idea to go for universal colors like black and white.

You know why? White bags go with every color of outfit. This is applicable to black bags too. This will save you the cost of buying different bags for different outfit colors.

2.Don’t buy many clothes when you’re pregnant

Nothing compares to the joy of having a baby, and that’s why a lot of women look forward to having their own child.

When you’re pregnant, your body size will increase temporarily. This means that all the clothes that you buy during your pregnancy will become oversize after your childbirth.

You may not be able to wear them again. So, make do with a few sets of clothes during this period.

3.Consider fabrics that don’t run

While shopping, it is normal to see a particular blouse with an attractive color and fall in love with it.

Unfortunately, some of these bright colors run. When you wash them, the water will change to their color.

Apart from the fact that they can stain other clothes if you wash them together with other clothes, they will fade fast. And you may not be able to wear them more than twice.

It is important to go for colors and fabrics that don’t run. They are likely to last longer. 

4.You can wear the same clothes several times

Some celebrities don’t wear a particular piece of cloth (blouse, gown, shirt, pants, or skirt) more than once.

It’s okay because they are super-rich and they can afford it easily. You can follow the trend if you can also afford it. However, nothing stops you from wearing your clothes several times. 

Durability is one of the reasons why you paid for quality materials in the first place. So, why not enjoy the durability? No policeman will pull you over and arrest you for wearing the same clothes twice. Being beautiful and gorgeous is what matters.

5.Don’t go above your budget

Whenever you come across a blouse, bag, or shoes that you love but can’t afford, take the time to search a little longer, you’ll find less expensive but similar ones. The good news is, the woman’s body is a masterpiece. It is a wonderful specimen of God’s creativity. That’ why women are naturally beautiful, and there’s hardly anything they wear that does not look good on them.

Wearing the most expensive pair of shoes may earn you more admiration, it does not make you look much better than other beautiful but less expensive shoes. So, why plunge yourself into debt because of shoes. Of course, every woman deserves the very best (and most expensive). It’s okay if you can afford it. But even without it, you already look great. So, why tear your pocket for fashion?

6.Have you considered twinning?

If you have a toddler or a pet, twinning with them is always a winner in the fashion world. When sewing any type of cloth for yourself, you can tell your personal tailor to cut out a piece of the material. Use the material to sew a collar for your cat or dog. Twin with him while taking him for a walk and see how people will stare at you in admiration. Twinning doesn’t cost much

7.Buy your stuff from the following online stores

There are many online stores that offer a wide variety of females clothes, accessories, and apparels at affordable prices. We have listed some of them below. You can check them out. 

8.Sign up for mailing lists

Many online stores will send you list when there are new arrivals and usually, these mails come with coupon codes with which you’ll get some discounts.

In addition, you’ll also be notified of clearance sales too. It is needless to remind you of the tremendous price slashes that are offered during clearance sales. 

However, don’t let a massive price slash push you into buying what you don’t really need.

For instance, if you already have a certain kind of jeans pants, there’s no point buying the same jeans pants (of the same design and color) again, no matter how low its price is.

9.Follow laundry instructions

One good reason why clothes don’t last long is because we generally don’t follow their laundry instructions.

There’s a reason why every piece of cloth comes with its washing instructions on its tag.

Take the time to read these instructions and follow them. You’ll notice that your clothes will last much longer. 

10.Mix colognes

We understand that it is highly fashionable to have several colognes instead of one. You can add to their variety by combining them.

For instance, if you have colognes A, B, and C, it means you have three different colognes.

Using a combination of A-B, A-C, and B-C will give you three different fragrances too. That means with three different colognes, you’ll enjoy six different fragrances.

This will save you the cost of buying three additional colognes. 

11.Create a “capsule wardrobe”

You probably have not heard the term before. Well, Capsule wardrobe is a term used for a group of clothes that do not go out of fashion like coats, skirts, and jeans pants.

When most of your clothes are capsule wardrobe materials, you won’t need to replace them too soon.


To conclude this piece, we’ll like to advise you to always look for comfort, suitability, and affordability before brand names.

Branded items are just ostentatious products, they don’t always have higher qualities than products from obscure brands.

Being a woman, you’re already beautiful and gorgeous the w you are. Hence, virtually all the clothes you wear will look good on you. Don’t let your wardrobe drain your accounts.#

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